Maria Leon wins 'Look Who Dances All Stars' 2022

Maria Leon wins Look Who Dances All Stars 2022
Maria Leon wins Look Who Dances All Stars 2022
Khushbu Kumari

Ana Isabelle took second place and Jorge Anzaldo with third place on the Univision Sunday reality show

After 6 galas where 8 talents left everything on the floor, and stood out for their discipline and dedication, Maria Leon wins 'Look Who Dances All Stars' 2022, Ana Isabelle takes second place and Jorge Anzaldo was the last eliminated, staying in third place in the competition.

Led by Chiquinquira Delgado, Mane de la Parra and Sherlyn from backstage, the final of the reality show was full of emotional moments, the return of Gabriel Coronel, Miguel Martinez, Brenda Kellerman and Ferdinando Valencia. The only one absent, but who was present in a greeting video, was Michelle Gonzalez.

The night began with the three challenge dances, those that others had already danced throughout the competition, but the three finalists wanted to repeat it . The most sensitive of all, was the one that Maria Leon chose, because she was precisely the bachata that her competitor did that night, and the one that ended up being the second finalist, Ana Isabelle .

The last dance was opened by Ana Isabelle, who performed her last dance leaving her heart, and the adrenaline was so great that it ended in tears .

That is why the judges highlighted her quality in transmitting emotions, so much so that Roselyn began to cry with her for her dedication, her achievements and her brilliance. She was able to break the barrier that they only saw her self-demand, and recognized her passion for leaving everything behind.

This exciting moment was followed by the second dance, that of the one who ended up being the winner of the tenth season, Maria Leon, who also made it clear why she became the first place.

The judges could not help but tell her how happy and impressed by her delivery and her technique, something that even the specialist, Isaac Hernandez, highlighted, who assured that even they themselves, the professionals, find it difficult what she finds so nature.

The last individual dance of the Univision reality show season was for Jorge Anzaldo, who, although he was the last eliminated or third place, won the challenge of achieving it and overcoming it.

That is why he received the gift of hearing from the mouth of the first dancer of Mexico and judge, Isaac Hernandez, who was surprised by his growth and the most beautiful things he has seen in the competition. And the latest 'Demasiado con to much' by Roselyn Sanchez.

But not everything was a smile, because there was still one last bittersweet moment, the last one eliminated or the so-called third place and this was the influencer, Jorge Anzaldo.

It was not a surprise, because although she did very well, from the first gala both Maria and Ana showed that they were the two best and strongest in the competition.

“ This project has changed my life, knowing me and recognizing me has changed my life, thank God for putting me on this stage”, Anzaldo said goodbye with a smile and full of gratitude.

Although as we told you above, the fact that Maria and Ana proved to be the best on the track from the beginning, this also created a competition between them, which many times went beyond the show, due to fatigue, rehearsal hours, and the level of demand between them. Something that was experienced in what was the last dance for both.

Which? The one that they had to do a double step together, and show themselves face to face, who was the best, and who deserved the vote of the judges, the one that would make one of the two the winner of the tenth and the shortest of all the seasons of 'Look Who Dances All Stars'.

The judges, Paulina, Isaac and Roselyn reconfirmed why they are both in the final, because of their strength, dedication, technique, growth, and for being empowered women, for which, although it is difficult, as they said the president of the jury is a dream final . Both received standing applause from the dancer Hernandez.

From the voice of Chiquinquira Delgado and shouting: “It's you, Maria”, the beloved Mexican actress and singer received the news that she had become the champion and received a check for $35,000 for the foundation for which she was competing . While Ana Isabelle also took hers of 5 thousand dollars.

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