The great star of the 80s, Irene Cara, dies at the age of 63

Irene Cara dies at the age of 63
Irene Cara dies at the age of 63
Khushbu Kumari

American singer Irene Cara was a talented woman of Puerto Rican and Cuban ancestry who passed away at the age of 63

The world of international entertainment is once again in mourning. This time after the death of Irene Cara at the age of 63 , a well-known singer, actress, composer and dancer of the 1980s, who triumphed with the hit “What a feeling” from the movie “Flashdance”, was announced.

A classic of the decade that made an entire generation dance with which he also won an Oscar, several Grammys, a Golden Globe and a People's Choice Award.

It was her publicist Judith A. Moose who announced the sad news through the official Twitter account of the “Fame” interpreter.

In the same way, he pointed out that Irene's family has asked for privacy while they process their pain: “She was a beautifully gifted soul whose legacy will live forever through her music and films. Funeral services are pending and a memorial for his fans will be planned at a later date,” concludes his publicist.

The news caused a shock among her followers, who feel great appreciation and admiration for the singer, there were even some disbelievers who doubted the announcement, however, it was the same publicist who was in charge of clarifying it and responding to the comments of her fans when she They asked if it was real.

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