Karol G caused an uproar with a topcito in a restaurant in Colombia

Karol G caused an uproar with a topcito in a restaurant in Colombia
Karol G caused an uproar with a topcito in a restaurant in Colombia
Khushbu Kumari

Spectacular! Showing off her abdomen with a minimal top, La Bichota Karol G was captured in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia while she was leaving a luxurious restaurant

For La Bichota, Karol G, her family is everything and this includes her parents, sisters, and yes, her work team as well. The same ones with which she was caught in a restaurant in the paradisiacal city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia wearing a very nice outfit: a little top and an exposed abdomen.

Karol G attended the gastronomic venue wearing cargo pant -type jean combined with a minimal top that allowed her to bare her back, abdomen, and highlight her breasts.

In the video that has gone viral, they managed to capture Karol G in the middle of their family reunion, the ex of Anuel AA was as affectionate as usual, waving and smiling in front of the cameras who managed to save this moment for history.

During her career, Karol G has positioned herself as one of her strongest characteristics to be seen quite sensual on most occasions. The Colombian interpreter knows very well how to combine when choosing her outfits, which allows her to be to the nines and thus always get endless compliments.

In recent days, the interpreter of “Tusa” and “Provenza” has managed to attract the attention of many for her recent posts on Instagram and Tik Tok, where she has been seen wearing transparent, shiny and even leather outfits with which It highlights her lush curves even more.

Of course, this would be one of the many reasons why “La Nena de Medellín” causes an impact among followers of good music and the world of entertainment, since her professional career continues to add successes beyond the urban genre.

Her most recent single, Cairo, already has more than 34 million views on her YouTube channel and on the different music platforms it ranks among the first places, breaking all kinds of records as always.

Karol G dared to show how his funeral could be

On TikTok, La Bichota also has a wide community of followers, managing to gather more than 40, which allows her content to position itself more every day.

Together with her best friend, Daiky Gamboa, the reggaetonera had fun in a rather peculiar way: recreating how they would live her funeral and they added a minimal silicone hand that caressed the Colombian's face.

Some people enjoyed the material as much as they did, while others criticized it and were outraged considering that it is not an act that should be played with and even labeled it: “Disturbing”.

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