Demi Rose covers her signature curves with one hand, wearing only fishnet stockings

Demi Rose covers her signature curves
Demi Rose covers her signature curves
Khushbu Kumari

In her most recent Instagram post, the influencer Demi Rose posed topless, showing off her attributes and writing a message in Spanish; she is about to reach 20 million followers on that social network

Demi Rose has raised the temperature to the maximum on Instagram, since she published a photo that shows her topless and wearing only fishnet stockings. She covered her bust with one hand and complemented the image with a text in Spanish: “I am very mine, I am transformed.” 🦋

For her recent posts, the British model and influencer has used a concept of black and white in her portraits. Thus, she was seen wearing a dress with ribbons on the sides (showing that she was not wearing underwear) and a patterned top that highlighted her attributes.

Demi has been wearing her hair in a reddish tone for several weeks now, and this is how she modeled -during her stay in Los Angeles- for a video in which she appears wearing a transparent dress that revealed her tiny white thong. She later posed wearing a black bodysuit with slits on the sides, which she accessorized with gloves and tall boots.

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