Belinda promises a new album and her own songs by 2023

Belinda promises a new album and her own songs by 2023
Belinda promises a new album and her own songs by 2023
Khushbu Kumari

The singer Belinda promises to rebound her career with the release of an album and her own songs next year

Belinda Peregrín Schull is “cooking on a slow fire” her next musical release that she anticipates next year will be a true revolution in her career as it will include songs of her own.

In recent months, the so-called princess of Latin pop has focused on the Spanish market by collaborating with her colleagues by profession Lerica, Abraham Mateo and Ana Mena.

“I hope to release new music soon. I am about to sign a very important contract with which I am going to release my songs as a soloist and an album next year. In addition, there are two songs that I composed and sang live that I am going to re-record and release in 2023. One is called Con los ojos cerrados and the other Cabron, “said the 33-year-old interpreter in an interview with LOS40 Global Show.

Likewise, the ex-partner of the Sonoran singer Christian Nodal plans to go on a tour of presentations.

“First I'm going to release the songs, which will be next year, and then I do want to tour Latin America and Spain,” he said.

Questioned about a possible romance at the door, Belinda ruled out that for the moment that is among her priorities. However, until a couple of months ago the singer was associated with Gonzalo Hevia Bailleres, a Mexican businessman who is a member of one of the most financially solvent families in Mexico.

The truth is that after several failed romances and the scandal generated in February by her breakup with Nodal, who even mentioned that he was literally cheated by Belinda and her family, the singer chose to distance herself and dedicate herself fully to her career, the which is expected to pick up in Mexico during the second half of the year.

“Right now, I keep my personal life much further away from my public life, I prefer to keep it that way and I think it is the best, the healthiest. Mental and emotional health is basic, said the interpreter.

Meanwhile, Belinda prepares to celebrate the end of the year holidays accompanied by her close circle, to which a new member named Glen, a Persian cat who was introduced to society through the networks, recently joined.

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