Facebook Dating already scans video selfies to verify your age

Facebook Dating already scans video selfies to verify your age
Facebook Dating already scans video selfies to verify your age
Khushbu Kumari

Users must submit a video of themselves for AI analysis to verify they are 18+

The verification of the minimum age to use a social network is practically non-existent, but Meta decided to improve it and really apply it in its dating app Facebook Dating

Now, Mark Zuckerberg's Meta, prevents minors from circumventing their previous age identification measures with verification through video selfies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“We have been testing age verification tools and using age detection technology to prevent those under 18 from accessing experiences intended for adults,” the company explained.

The new process, first introduced on Instagram, asks users to submit a video of themselves to be analyzed through an AI model to verify they are 18+.

“We require people to be at least 18 years old to sign up for and access Facebook Dating, and age verification tools will help verify that only adults are using the service and prevent minors from accessing it,” added Meta.

The company also revealed that for such purposes it collaborates with Yoti, a company specializing in age verification on the Internet.

Meta reported that it has invested in age detection technology to find possible discrepancies between the ages people provide and the age the company detects you may be based on its technology.

How can you verify the age?

If Meta detects that someone is under 18 and tries to use Facebook Dating, it will ask you to verify your age. She will have two options to choose from.

Video Selfie: If they choose this option, they will see instructions on the screen that will guide them through the process. After taking a selfie video, Meta will share a still from the video with Yoti. Yoti's technology calculates age based on facial features, shares that estimate with Meta, and the image is immediately deleted. Technology cannot recognize identity, only age.

Upload ID: Users can also upload an ID to verify your age. After you upload a copy of your ID, it will be securely encrypted and stored, and will not be visible on your Facebook profile or to other people in the app. Once the age is verified, the user can manage how long the identity document will be kept.

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