Argentina national team celebrates with millions of people the title of the World Cup in Buenos Aires

Argentina national team celebrates with millions of people the title of the World Cup in Buenos Aires
Argentina national team celebrates with millions of people the title of the World Cup in Buenos Aires
Khushbu Kumari

The 2022 World Cup champion team arrived in the Argentine capital at dawn on Tuesday and there was a massive popular celebration for the title won in Qatar

Crazy! Millions of people celebrated this Tuesday with the soccer team on a hot day in Buenos Aires the title of world champions.

The caravan with the heroes of Qatar left the headquarters of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) in the town of Ezeiza, about 37 kilometers from the center of the Argentine capital, and tried to reach the center of the capital.

From early hours, the crowd grew until it reached 4 million people who gathered near the Obelisk, one of the main symbols of Buenos Aires.

Not being able to get to the center due to the amount of people in the streets, the players got on a helicopter to greet the fans from the air.

“The World Champions are flying over the entire route in helicopters because it became impossible to continue on land due to the explosion of popular joy. Let's continue celebrating in peace and showing them our love and admiration,” said the spokesperson for the presidency, Gabriela Cerruti.

“It's crazy, it's incredible, it's the best thing that can happen to you in life,” Matías Gómez, a 25-year-old worker, told Reuters.

“It is an enormous joy to see all these happy people, all accompanied, one with the other, holding hands, giving each other hugs, kisses, we are all one today .”

People held banners with images of Messi and the late Diego Armando Maradona, chanted and many climbed on light poles or monuments.

“We are as a family waiting for the selection to pass, which brings us the cup. We are all very happy and excited to see them,” said Melina Esteban, 41, before learning that the bus tour for those selected had been changed to a helicopter tour.

The Buenos Aires emergency services treated 31 people who were injured , the newspaper La Nación reported, citing local government sources.

One of the incidents occurred when the bus passed with the players under a bridge at the La Matanza game.

Two fans jumped from the bridge onto the bus. One made it, but was immediately taken into custody aboard the unit. However, another slipped on the rear of the vehicle and fell to the pavement.

Other videos shared on social networks showed fans falling from different monuments and street furniture.

According to various media, this incident was decisive for the change of plans on the route of the Argentine team to the Obelisk.

National holiday

The team arrived at the Ezeiza airport at dawn, where it was received by thousands of people.

Their captain and star Lionel Messi appeared at the door of the plane with a big smile on his face, holding aloft the prized cup won in Qatar on Sunday.

Despite being the middle of the night, thousands of people came out to the Ezeiza International Airport to welcome and cheer them , but that does not compare with the millions that took to the streets during the day.

The government declared this Tuesday a holiday so that the entire country can express its deepest joy for the national team.

The excitement in the country has been heating up since the game in Qatar, where Argentina beat France on penalties after a 3-3 draw, in what has been considered by many the best final in World Cup history.

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