Price of the dollar: how much is it trading today January 3 in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Price of the dollar how much is it trading today January 3 in Mexico Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica the Dominican Republic and Venezuela
Price of the dollar how much is it trading today January 3 in Mexico Honduras Nicaragua Costa Rica the Dominican Republic and Venezuela
Khushbu Kumari

This Tuesday, January 3, the price of the dollar shows little movement in the emerging Latin American markets. Cryptocurrencies are trading in the red. For now, the markets will remain attentive to the decisions made by the Fed for this start of the year regarding inflation and interest rates.

The dollar begins the day this Tuesday, January 3, with few changes in the exchange market of its emerging peers. In Mexico, the green bill is trading at 19.40 pesos per dollar unit. At the bank window, the average purchase price is 19.03 per unit and the price for sale is 19.77 pesos per dollar unit. The trend is downward.

In the Mexican market, it is worth noting that in November 2022 remittances reached a historical record, although they lost 10.43% per month compared to 2021. Banco Base specialist Gabriela Siller showed the results.

For the Banco Base specialist, this drop in remittances in the Mexican market is a reflection of the economic slowdown in the United States.

On the other hand, in the Honduran market, the dollar maintains a positive trend but its movement is almost imperceptible. The price remains at 24.67 lempiras per unit of green bills and the average of maximums and minimums is 24.54 and 24.80 lempiras per dollar, respectively.

In Nicaragua, the dollar shows an upward trend and today it is trading at 36.51 cordobas per unit of greenback. For buying and selling, the trend remains between 36.02 cordobas and 37.00 cordobas per dollar, respectively.

In Costa Rica, the dollar shows little movement but the trend is positive. Today it is trading at 591.68 colones per dollar unit. The Costa Rican currency moves on average between 591.36 for the purchase and 592.00 colones per dollar for the sale.

In the Dominican Republic, the dollar advances slightly. The green bill maintains the positive trend at a price of 56.30 DOP per dollar unit. For the purchase and sale, it is calculated on average between 56.05 pesos and 56.55 DOP per dollar unit, respectively.

The dollar in Venezuela reaches the barrier of 17 bolivars per unit of greenback. Today it trades at the rate of the central bank of Venezuela at 17.25 bolivars per dollar unit. And the average range is 17.23 and 17.27 Bs. per greenback for buying and selling respectively, the trend continues to rise.

You can follow in real time the exchange rate of the dollar against these emerging currencies and its trends according to international markers and some banks:

  • Mexico: price of the peso in banks in Mexico
  • Honduras: exchange rate in real time
  • Nicaragua: price of the dollar in real time
  • Costa Rica: price of the dollar in real time
  • Dominican Republic: exchange rate in real time
  • Venezuela: price of the dollar in real time

To follow the exchange rate when sending remittances, check the prices of the green ticket in the destination country in real time before making your online transfer, and compare. For each country, a comparative table can be used with the amount to be sent in US dollars against the currency of the receiving country and the prices offered by the different money transfer companies: Price table.

For their part, cryptocurrencies are trading almost all in the red this Tuesday, January 3. Follow the price and movement in real time.

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