The weather Girl, Yanet Garcia, captivates posing on her back and with an unique neckline

The weather Girl Yanet Garcia captivates posing on her back and with an unique neckline
The weather Girl Yanet Garcia captivates posing on her back and with an unique neckline
Khushbu Kumari

Yanet Garcia reappeared posing on her back in a bodysuit that revealed her heart-stopping curves and joined fashion trends with a neckline that her fans fell in love with

Yanet Garcia once again captivated nearly 15 million Instagram followers by modeling a daring velvet bodysuit with which she not only turned her back to show her curves, but also exhibited an 'underboob' neckline.

It is no secret to anyone that the Mexican model known as “the weather girl” has always enjoyed being the most daring on social networks, especially since she decided to venture into the exclusive content platform OlnyFans in April 2021, to She has carried out hot photo sessions in which she appears modeling revealing lace and see-through lingerie or tiny bikinis that reveal her shapely silhouette.

However, she's also taken to her official Instagram account to splurge on beauty and sexiness with sneak peeks at what's in store for true fans when they sign up to receive photos and videos created especially for them.

This is how she reappeared posing in a black velvet bodysuit with which she revealed her heart-stopping curves, because on this occasion, the one born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, also turned her back on the camera to completely expose her exercised rearguard, in addition to performing other poses in which he shamelessly exposed his legs and abdomen.

But another detail that undoubtedly became a favorite of its millions of fans was that it once again joined fashion trends with an 'underboob' neckline, that is, showing the lower part of the chest with the help of the revealing garment that combined with silver strappy sandals completely matching the cord that runs around her neck, bust and belly.

The images that were published from New York, the city where 2021 resides shortly after leaving the morning show 'Today', where he starred in the weather section, have received the acceptance of his followers with thousands of heart-shaped reactions and comments, so she did not hesitate to share one more postcard in which she only appears sitting in front of the lens of the photographer Diego Alanis, with whom she has made other collaborations.

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