Find out how much it will cost you from now on to verify your Instagram and Facebook account

Find out how much it will cost you from now on to verify your Instagram and Facebook account
Find out how much it will cost you from now on to verify your Instagram and Facebook account
Khushbu Kumari

Meta announced a new subscription service that will make it easier for its users to verify their accounts in exchange for a monthly fee that will vary depending on whether it is for the web or mobile version of each social network.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced that the company is testing a new paid verification feature on Instagram and Facebook, which will cost $11.99 and $14.99 per month for the web and mobile versions respectively.

He explained that the service will be called "Meta Verified", grants a verification badge, while offering greater visibility on the platforms and providing priority support to users, in addition to other benefits.

This service will begin to be available from this week in Australia and New Zealand . Its availability is expected to roll out to other countries over the course of the coming weeks and months.

To join Meta Verified, the user must meet certain minimum requirements, including being active on the social network, being at least 18 years of age, and being able to prove it with a government ID that matches the name and password. photo that you have either on Facebook or Instagram, depending on which of them you intend to verify.

“In the long term, we want to create a subscription offer that is valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses, and our broader community. As part of this vision, we are evolving the meaning of the verified badge so that we can broaden access to verification and more people can trust that the accounts they interact with are authentic," Meta said in an official statement .

In regards to accounts that have already been verified and have a badge, these will not suffer any type of change in their status.

Additional benefits

It should be noted that those users who register with the service will receive exclusive stickers that they can use when publishing Stories and Reels . In addition to this they will receive 100 stars completely free on a monthly basis. It must be remembered that these stars are the digital currency of Meta that allows any user to be able to give tips to their favorite content creators.

There are still no details about the verifications to companies , since at the moment they will not be able to request the power to have the badge.

It is important to take into consideration that those users who carry out the verification process and later have to change their profile name, username, date of birth or profile photo, will have to carry out the entire verification process again. In this way, Meta ensures that it is the user in question.

It should also be added that the rates will be higher for Apple users compared to those who have Android devices . This could be due to an attempt by Meta to maintain the same profit margin on both platforms, taking into account that the App Store has higher fees for developers.

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