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Chiquis Rivera went on an extreme adventure with her boyfriend in Utah's Zion National Park

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Chiquis Rivera went on an extreme adventure with her boyfriend in Utah Zion National Park
Chiquis Rivera went on an extreme adventure with her boyfriend in Utah Zion National Park
Khushbu Kumari

The Queen Bee, Chiquis Rivera, traveled to Utah to do an extreme sport with her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez in the middle of the snow. Awesome!

Jenni Rivera 's daughter, Chiquis Rivera, continues to walk in the healthy life. She went on a trip with her boyfriend, the director and photographer Emilio Sánchez to Zion National Park in Utah, where the mountains are not easy and many with the frozen weather that prevails on the west coast of the United States.

The Queen Bee , as always, shared with her followers a few days of extreme adventure that she has taken with her boyfriend Emilio Sánchez Utah . “Get in the habit of challenging his mind… his body… his soul! Get out of your comfort zone, get your heart rate up with enthusiasm, take risks, do things you normally wouldn't. Now, that is living your best life,” said Chiquis Rivera from his Instagram account.

Of course, the compliments did not stop for the regional Mexican singer : “Chingoneriaaa of landscape and old lady!!”, “She is one of my favorites. Magical place.”, “Beautiful chiquis”, “always forward, always positive, always inspiring”, “Wow Chiquis how you have changed”, was part of what they wrote to Lupillo Rivera 's niece .

Chiquis Rivera continues adding adventures

But Chiquis is not limited only to her personal, physical and spiritual life. She is a death worker. Part of it is that just yesterday she was recording a musical collaboration with corrido singer Uziel Payan . The song that they will premiere is called “ Me Mocho un Huevo ” and it promises to be a complete success.

Of course, the Queen Bee showed off her presence covered in latex and showing off her new fitness body . Same as she has reaped with intense exercise routines that include deep squats with weights and a lot of cardio boxing . There is no doubt that Chiquis is another and that inspires many of her fans.

On the other hand, her song and video clip “Because I am Queen Bee” continues to add views on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and as the singer herself assured, it is doing very well on the radio at the national level. Like her friends De ella Karol G and Becky G, the song has become a musical icon for brave and independent women. Congratulations to her!


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