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A Pentagon review found no evidence of visits or extraterrestrial objects

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A Pentagon review found no evidence of visits or extraterrestrial objects
A Pentagon review found no evidence of visits or extraterrestrial objects
Khushbu Kumari

A report ordered by Congress found no evidence that US authorities have hidden knowledge about extraterrestrial technology or extraterrestrial visits to Earth, but acknowledges that there are people who will continue to believe it.

A new report from the Pentagon ordered by Congress found no evidence that the government was covering up knowledge of extraterrestrial technology and said there was no evidence that any unidentified flying object (UFO) ) was on the surface of the planet nor that the reported sightings represented extraterrestrial visits to Earth.

The 63-page document is the most extensive rebuttal the Pentagon has issued in recent years to counter claims that it has information about alien visits or technology.

The document was prepared by the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), created by the United States Department of Defense in 2022, reported the Department of Defense at a statement.

“The AARO found no evidence that any investigation by the United States government and academics has confirmed the sighting of a UFO of extraterrestrial technology,”, the report concludes.

The office maintains that sightings of unidentified flying objects are actually “ordinary phenomena” that are “erroneously identified”.

AARO further notes that all investigations conducted to date by foreign governments have reached the same conclusion.

To prepare the report, the researchers had “full access” to all sensitive programs of the US government, such as those of the Department of Defense, the Army and the intelligence services.

According to the document, the United States has investigated UFO sightings since 1945 to determine whether they represent a risk to aviation, if they are technology from a foreign country or if they are extraterrestrials.

Researchers detail that the large amount of content about aliens in popular culture has generated the “perception” in a part of the population that the government has been conspiring since the 1940s to hide the existence of extraterrestrials from the public.

“The AARO recognizes that many people sincerely believe in these versions, based on on their perceptions, the experiences of other people they trust or media they consider reliable," says the document.

Last year David Grusch, a former intelligence officer in the US Air Force, United States, stated before Congress that the authorities are in possession of both ships of extraterrestrial origin and the remains of their occupants.


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