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Actress Kaitlyn Dever joins the second season of ‘Last of Us’

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Actress Kaitlyn Dever joins the second season of Last of Us
Actress Kaitlyn Dever joins the second season of Last of Us
Khushbu Kumari

The actress could play 'Abby' in the second season of the series.

The official Instagram account of 'The Last of Us' revealed that the 27-year-old actress, Kaitlyn Dever, will join the cast of the second season of the eight-time Emmy Award-winning series. So, there will be more than surprises for fans.

The actress joins the hit HBO series to take on the role of Abby, a character who She is described as a skilled soldier whose worldview is challenged as she seeks revenge for her loved ones.

Kaitlyn Dever's career began to be notable in 2009, after appearing in the film 'Chrissa, a lesson in bravery'. She even made her way into famous television series like 'The Last Male', by Tim Allen, or 'The Mentalist'. However, her first Emmy was obtained in 2019 with the Netflix series, 'Inconceivable'.

While in 2022, Kaitlyn Dever appeared in the film 'A Passage to Paradise', in which she acted as the daughter of a divorced couple, and the leading actors were none other than Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Also, Kaitlyn Dever has participated in other films, the most recent, the horror production titled 'No One Can Save You', of which he is the protagonist, but now, he will join season two of the series 'The Last of Us'.

Although on the official account of 'The Last of Us' It was not revealed what the role of Kaitlyn Dever would be, the information medium The Hollywood Reporter assured that the actress will play 'Abby' in the second season of the series.

Given this, video game players will already know what is coming in the second season of 'The Last of Us'.

Success from the video game 'The Last of Us' to the television series

The success of the video game led to the announcement of a television series that would arrive for HBO Max. An adaptation that was very well received by the audience and featured Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey becoming Joel and Ellie respectively. A production of enormous quality that earned it the title of winner at The Game Awards 2023 in the category of Best Adaptation of a Video Game.

The Last of Us series ended up being a great success among critics and the general public. In addition to having very good numbers in terms of viewership, the series received multiple award nominations in its first season. The Last of Us received three Golden Globe nominations and 25 Emmy nominations.


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