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Chiquis Rivera and Paola Jara get flirty and sing: “What is useless is in the way”

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Chiquis Rivera and Paola Jara get flirty and sing
Chiquis Rivera and Paola Jara get flirty and sing
Khushbu Kumari

Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis Rivera, made the networks again with her new video clip with Paola Jara. Both exude sensuality, talent and sing

With her new song, “Lo Que No Soy”, Chiquis Rivera joins the movement “girl power” of Latin music. This talented singer of the regional mexican o has demonstrated once again her adaptability and ability to reinvent himself in the ruthless music industry in the United States.

Chiquis Rivera presents her truest and most sincere self in “Lo Que No Soy”. The song serves as a rallying cry to accept oneself and let go of social pressure. Chiquis sings about not acting in a way that she is not and not caring what others think of her. Many modern women are drawn to her powerful message of female empowerment.

However, what makes this song even more intriguing is Chiquis' association with other well-known Latin music stars. In this case this song is a collaboration with Paola Jara. A singer who, although Colombian, fell in love with rancheras and Mexican music, becoming a worthy representative of this music.

The variety of sounds in “Lo Que No Soy” It is a delight to the ears. With this song Chiquis and Paola join the war cries of Shakira, Becky G, Karol G and many more Latin artists. Jara brings her signature style, while the daughter of Jenni Rivera delights with her voice.

Chiquis Rivera, Mexican regional singer, during a concert in CDMX

Chiquis Rivera positioned herself in the Mexican regional

With her talent, perseverance and commitment, Chiquis Rivera has managed to position herself and remain at the top of Latin music. But above all, he made his way in an environment dominated by men and where he has always received comparisons with La Diva de La Banda.

She has always said that she prepares for everything and the truth is that we have only seen the great artist that she has become. She is also one of the most influential Latin women in Hispanic entertainment. Every new song she releases shows the progression of her artistic style, and “Lo Que No Soy” (Lo Que No Soy). is no exception. This song serves as a reminder that music can be a powerful and authentic form of expression.

In essence, “What I Am Not” is an anthem of authenticity and empowerment that celebrates the collaboration of talented women in Latin music. Chiquis Rivera and Paola Jara provide a song that emphasizes the value of staying true to yourself despite what others may think. Also to get out of the way that which contributes nothing to our walk.

This collaboration promises to be a lasting success for Latin music and a testament to the strength of female power in the genre.


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