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Danna Paola expresses frustration to her fans over toxic criticism of her song “Aun Te Quiero”

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Danna Paola expresses frustration to her fans over toxic criticism
Danna Paola expresses frustration to her fans over toxic criticism
Khushbu Kumari

The singer, in a message, highlighted that the song represents the closing of a cycle full of learning, focusing on the empowerment of self-love and the importance of establishing healthy limits.

Mexican singer and songwriter Danna Paola expressed her frustration and disappointment at some of her followers who criticized her recent release, “Aún Te Quiero”. Through a message, the artist lamented the excessive concern about numbers , playlists and debuts, pointing out her disappointment at seeing that some expect only “commercial” music. In her statement, Danna Paola shared that the song marks the closing of a cycle full of learning, highlighting the empowerment of self-love and the establishment of healthy limits.

The actress also expressed her sadness by expressing her hope that her followers are people who connect with her music, emphasizing that music should not become a competition. He declared that his art should not be contaminated by toxicity and decided to distance himself from those he called “toxic”. The song in question, a relaxed pop ballad with introspective lyrics, marks a change from her previous style, characterized by a more “dance” touch.


Danna Paola pointed out that some of her followers have proclaimed themselves as experts in the music industry, affecting the possibility of peaceful releases. She urged her followers to recognize that being a fan of an artist means connecting with the music they create, and that, if that connection does not exist, it is valid to accept that perhaps that is not her place. The artist concluded her message by calling to avoid intoxicating others with negative attitudes.

Recently, musician Alex Hoyer calmly responded to questions from the press about his recent trip to Spain, amid speculation about his relationship with Danna Paola. Instead of being offended, Hoyer shared that he is used to these types of comments and explained why he does not get upset in these situations.

When addressing the issue, Alex Hoyer expressed that he would not respond to these negative comments, highlighting your freedom to express your opinion. With several years of experience in the industry, He mentioned that he has received criticism since the beginning of his career and that it is not something new for him. His position reflects a resilient attitude in the face of adverse opinions.

In response to a reporter's observation about how sad it is that people judge artists that way, Hoyer acknowledged the negativity, but pointed out the inevitability of such judgments in the age of social media. He highlighted the presence of digital platforms that allow people to express their opinions and commented that there will always be a balance between positive and negative opinions.


Finally, Alex Hoyer addressed the recent paparazzi incident that showed a past fight between Eleazar Gómez and Danna Paola when they were a couple. He described the situation as reprehensible and commented that they were stages in Danna's life that he had to overcome, but praised the artist's ability to extract the positive from those experiences and learn from them. His response reflects an attitude of understanding and resilience in the face of his partner's personal challenges.

Paty Cantú supports Danna Paola after controversy with toxic fans


In her networks, Paty Cantú praised Danna Paola as a spectacular and admirable artist. She highlighted the importance of evolution and honesty with herself, indicating that the right of expression is individual and that each artist has the freedom to change according to her needs. Paty Cantú also highlighted that she values ??Danna Paola's authenticity and expressed her affection for her, expressing herself as an unconditional fan.

In addition, Paty Cantú pointed out that change is the only constant in life and that reinvent yourself or die is a reality. She advocated for freedom of expression and artistic evolution, recognizing that success often comes accompanied by intensified criticism. The singer advised Danna Paola to remember that, as she shines brighter, more people will observe and that each individual perceives the world through their own perspective.


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