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Demi Rose confessions - Early life, health battles, tragic family deaths, and OnlyFans secrets

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Demi Rose confessions
Demi Rose confessions
Khushbu Kumari

OnlyFans model Demi Rose is one of the most famed influencers in the world with almost 20million followers, but little is known about her secrets as she rarely gives interviews

Demi Rose might be one of the most famous faces on the social media these days, but she's quite the enigma.

The 27-year-old model is a master in dazzling the internet with her racy bikini shoots from all around the globe - she's even posed nude on occasion.

The OnlyFans queen has racked up nearly 20million followers on Instagram, an incredible feat for someone who hasn't even been modelling for 10 years.

Demi was born in Birmingham, but her lavish lifestyle has since taken her around the world to places like Europe, Ibiza, Africa, the United States, Dubai and beyond.

But despite being an internet sensation, Demi hasn't revealed much about her personal life and rarely gives interviews.

It's left many fans wanting to know more about Demi, so Daily Star has dug up some of her rare admissions.

Childhood bullies

Demi said she always wanted to be a model, but never expected to be where she is now.

She also admitted she used to be bullied by other kids at school and didn't have a lot of friends - during a chat with Radio 1's Newsbeat.

The influencer said: "I never expected this when I was younger, but it's something that I've had to learn to live with.

"I always wanted to get into modelling and when I eventually got there I classed it as a blessing because I grew up being bullied and didn't have many friends at all."

She told the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast: "Everyone just used to like to pick on me, put chewing gum in my hair, like, just to wind me up for their own entertainment."

Health battles

It was during her school years that Demi was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, which she described "like depression".

Chronic fatigue is characterised by long bouts of extreme tiredness.

The model explained she skipped most of her classes and stayed at home, and that she took antidepressants.

Demi said: "I used to go to school for about three hours a week or something, just picking my favourite subjects and having therapy and antidepressants."

She also recalled one occasion where she drank big glasses of vodka - after being influenced by her late mother who allegedly turned to drink to deal with her problems.

She said: "One day I remember being really embarrassed and my mum was at Weight Watchers and I was home alone, and I just poured myself two big glasses of vodka.

"And then she came home and I was sick everywhere. I could’ve been 15 or something like that."

But the OnlyFans star insisted the fateful moment helped her 'grow up' and learn how to handle life's struggles.

Family tragedies

Demi was struck by seismic tragedy in 2019, when both of her parents died just seven months apart.

She lost her father Barrie Mawby in October 2018, following a battle with cancer, before losing her mum Christine to a stomach infection in June.

Demi said she wants to use her OnlyFans platform to "uplift people" after what she's gone through.

She told the BBC: "I use [my platform] to uplift people because after what I've been through, I want people to have a more positive outlook on death and not see it as a bad thing."

Demi admitted she found it tough to deal with the aftermath of their deaths during lockdown - and has written notes to her late parents on social media.

"Having to deal with my parents' house and selling their stuff - it was a really sad place for me.

"I wanted to go and travel but I had three months in London, which was a lot of facing what I had been through and was a time of reflection," she said.

Why she joined OnlyFans

Demi has worked with major online fashion retailers like PrettyLittleThing, but like many other stars, she decided to join OnlyFans too.

The model wanted more control over her social media posts and to make money from them, which is what the explicit subscription site allows her to do.

The likes of Megan Barton-Hanson have reportedly been earning £800,000 a month from the site, which has become known for adult content.

Demi admitted she was cautious about joining OnlyFans at first, but now says it makes her feel empowered.

She said: "There's always been a stigma in the UK.

"I was always cautious about joining, but I've been watching more creators and artists joining and I was like, 'OK wow it's becoming more accepted.'

The fashionista explained she might share videos of her doing everyday things such as cooking or playing instruments in her underwear.

Demi added: "I'm finally taking more creative control and being artistic, I'm finding my shoots fun and they [the subscribers] are happy with what I'm putting on there. It makes me feel empowered."


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