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DirecTV is paying up to $464 dollars after a class action lawsuit.

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DirecTV is paying up to USD 464 dollars after a class action lawsuit
DirecTV is paying up to USD 464 dollars after a class action lawsuit
Khushbu Kumari

The court charge of the case reached an agreement with the company which must pay $16.85 million dollars for violation of the National Do Not Call Registry, without consent.

As part of a class action lawsuit, the US satellite subscription television provider DirecTV has now agreed to pay $16.85 million, after its customers received marketing calls from the company despite being on the list of “ do not call”.

For this reason, all customers who received calls from the company asking them to subscribe, DirecTV must pay them about $464 dollars in compensation, however, in order for affected users to obtain payment, they must file a claim.

In this sense, the deadline to send the form is until this Monday, August 7, if you want to know if you qualify for the claim you can check here is your phone number. If you are included in the list, your legal rights are being violated and, therefore, you can be part of the class action.

Why the lawsuit against DirecTV?

According to the court in charge of the case, DirecTV personnel made telemarketing calls to their clients, who had their contact in the National Do Not Call Registry, without their consent.

During the process, approximately 113,997 numbers were called, including those whose legal rights were violated, in the lawsuit DirecTV accepted that its Ohio-based distributor AC1 made the calls.

Now Well, the payments will be from a Settlement Fund of $16.85 million, of which $324 to $464 will be paid to affected clients in cash, plus attorneys' fees, among other expenses.


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