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Ex-racing star Renee Gracie turned adult model, says brains needed to sell racy pics

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Renee Gracie onlyfans
Renee Gracie onlyfans
Pintu Kumar

An OnlyFans star who suffered relentless trolling as a racing driver says you need to be intelligent to earn fortunes stripping off online – and here Renee Gracie explains why

A former racing driver who now earns millions stripping off online says being an OnlyFans model is much harder than people think.

Renee Gracie swapped motorsport for porn two years ago after struggling to pay her bills.

She has since pocketed up to £400,000 in a single month - but has insisted you need brains and beauty in equal measure to earn big on the saucy site.

Renee – who has twice competed in the International V8 Supercars Series – told Daily Star: “OnlyFans isn’t something you just jump into.

"There are millions of profiles on there now. So to make good money and be successful isn’t easy.

"I get girls message me daily asking for help because they thought they would just open a page and the money rolls in.”

The stunning 27-year-old added: "You have to be clever, stand out and work hard. It's not just something that happens over night for normal girls.

"It requires hard work and dedication to earn even a few thousand dollars."

According to reports, the adult entertainer, who is from Kuraby, Australia, has earned approximately $4million from her paying subscribers.

This is a huge contrast to her racing career - where she once had just £28 in her bank account while grafting in McDonald’s to fund her sport.

And as well as struggling financially, she said the environment was “toxic” for women.

She recently said: “From very early on I've had fans walk up to me and say they wish I was dead.

"That I should go hang myself because I'm so bad, and I should just go jump off a cliff because I'm not good at anything else and I'm not even good at racing. I've had beer cans thrown at me, people make all sorts of comments as they walk by me.

"You name it, sexual harassment that could possibly be thrown at a woman in a male-dominated industry, I've heard it before."

But since switching gear sticks, Renne has consistently earned six figures a month for the past two years.

And with her enviable profits she has invested in a property empire thanks to her sizzling content.


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