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FBI created a database to prevent swatting

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FBI created a database to prevent swatting
FBI created a database to prevent swatting
Khushbu Kumari

The FBI wants to prevent further swatting incidents in the United States, which put people at risk without need.

The FBI has announced the creation of a database to prevent the occurrence of swatting cases throughout the United States. This announcement comes in response to the growing concern about the increase in these types of incidents, which have generated dangerous situations and have affected the safety of many people.

One of the most prominent cases that has drawn attention to swatting is that of Patrick Tomlinson and his wife Niki Robinson, residents of Milwaukee. This couple has been the victim of this cruel joke more than 40 times. Swatting consists of making a false call to the emergency services to alert about a crime or imminent threat in a specific location, which provokes the response of special police units, such as the SWAT team.

This practice is extremely dangerous, as it can lead to high-risk situations and endanger the lives of the people involved. The fact that Patrick Tomlinson and Niki Robinson have been repeated victims of these pranks clearly shows the devastating consequences that can result from this type of irresponsible action.

In addition to the case of this couple in Milwaukee, during the month of April swatting incidents were reported at several prominent universities in the United States. Institutions like Clemson, Florida, Boston, Harvard, Cornell, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Oklahoma fell victim to these hoax calls in less than a week. These incidents had a great impact on university communities, causing fear and concern among students and faculty.

It is important to note that making fake emergency calls for the purpose of swatting pranks is a felony. These actions not only waste law enforcement resources and time, but can also result in injury or even loss of life. The authorities are taking this problem very seriously and have intensified efforts to identify and prosecute those responsible for this type of criminal conduct.

The FBI's creation of a database to prevent swatting is an important step in the fight against this form of crime. By sharing information and taking preventative measures, it is hoped to reduce the incidence of these bogus calls and protect the safety of individuals and communities across the country.


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