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Featherweight and Nicki Nicole show their love for each other in a tender video

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Featherweight and Nicki Nicole show their love for each other in a tender video
Featherweight and Nicki Nicole show their love for each other in a tender video
Khushbu Kumari

The corridos tumbados singer, Peso Pluma, shared on his Instagram account some photos and a video where he is seen with Nicki Nicole, filling him with kisses.

Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole, the couple of the moment, continue to break social networks and continue to trend because of how well they get along. The Mexican singer shared some photos and video with his girlfriend, on top of a Ferrari, kissing and showing their love.

On Instagram, the interpreter of 'She Baila Sola', Peso Pluma, shared a couple of photographs and a video where she is seen as his girlfriend, Nicki Nicole hugs him and kisses him while they are on top of a car. In the photograph you can see Hassan Kabande Laija, the Mexican corrido singer lying down, with a very funny expression, dressed in a cap and black sweatshirt covering his head .

In the video Nicki Nicole hugs the corrido singer by her neck. In one of the photos you can see how she grabs him by the face and gives him a kiss on the mouth, in another photo she simply rests her cheek together with that of 'Double P', and in the video Nicki is shown very effusive and affectionately taking Hassan by the face and kissing him repeatedly.

The images and video accompany the publication with a message that caused tenderness and emotion in the singers' fans, “everything is fun with you ??? ???”, wrote the Mexican singer.

Controversy at the beginning of the relationship between Nicki Nicole and Featherweight

Since it was rumored that Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole had something to do with each other, the Mexican's fans kept complaining why she didn't leave him love comments on the post from her. And let's remember that even without having a kiss in public to confirm their relationship, Peso Pluma was already dedicating words of love to the Argentine.

As time went by, fans already noticed that what the relationship is going to be like. relationship between the two, since Nicki Nicole barely dedicated a few words to him. Nicki wrote “I love you” to Peso Pluma in a video that filled him with kisses, but this would be one of the first public displays of love, but all for a reason.

Pueblo Pluma fans told him They wrote on their social networks that their relationship was not with Nicki Nicole because she did not brag about it like he did about her, everything has a reason that she herself explained. In the Argentine's comments on TikTok, she was honest when she said that she is very in love and that she feels that her love for Featherweight “has no end.”

However, it was also on TikTok where she revealed that it is not It is part of her personality to express herself lovingly in public, but even Featherweight is bringing out this side in her. “I'm very shy when it comes to love and he kind of brings out a much more sociable side of me in that sense, it could be me,” Nicki Nicole wrote on the social network.

Despite the controversy that existed at the beginning of their relationship and Nicki Nicole's repeated rejections of Featherweight, the couple now shows their love stronger than ever, receiving the unconditional support of their fans. The romantic postcard shared on her official accounts showed Nicki Nicole dedicating an emotional message to her partner: “I love you, love of my heart”.



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