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Giselle Blondet ended up in the hospital after leaving ‘La Mesa Caliente’

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Giselle Blondet ended up in the hospital after leaving La Mesa Caliente
Giselle Blondet ended up in the hospital after leaving La Mesa Caliente
Khushbu Kumari

The host Giselle Blondet set off alarms among her followers when she was seen from the hospital. What led you to stop in the emergency room? This is known so far

Tremendous stir caused by the television presenter Giselle Blondet after turning to her social networks to reveal that she ended up in the emergency room due to a series of symptoms that still do not have a precise diagnosis.


From her official Instagram account, the host of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ reported that after concluding the most recent broadcast of her program she went to the hospital to undergo the necessary studies and confirm that it was not COVID, flu or some other virus that could infect your family or co-workers.


From the emergency room and without a drop of makeup, Giselle Blondet issued a brief statement through a video that soon set off alarms among her digital community .

“I feel worse today so I came back to take my test again and, God willing, it's going to be negative. But I am making this video because I think that even if we have a cold, we must check ourselves as a responsibility so as not to make others sick, not to infect other people”, he is heard saying in the audiovisual.

“I had to come to the emergency room ??‍?? I know everything will be fine, but I want to make sure and also protect my family and those around me. Are you from the ‘team’ who goes to the doctor soon or those who wait until the end when they already feel very bad?”, the communicator questioned her digital community after announcing the news.


As a result of its publication, messages of love and support did not take long to emerge in the comments section from some celebrities, as well as their fans of & #8216;red bone’.

“I send you a hug full of vitality and love”, “I hope you get better soon!!!! I am one of those who will know the illness in the autopsy, “Get well soon GG,”, “I'm so sorry, my beautiful Gigi. Rest and recover soon!” and “I hope the tests are negative”, are some of the messages that are read under the post.



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