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Hackers are taking advantage of AI to improve their cyber attacks

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Hackers are taking advantage of AI to improve their cyber attacks
Hackers are taking advantage of AI to improve their cyber attacks
Khushbu Kumari

Microsoft and OpenAI are on alert due to the increase in the use of AI by hackers, something that could have dire implications for users

A new report reveals that hackers are increasingly taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve and perfect their attacks cybernetics. Microsoft and OpenAI have identified the use of large language models like ChatGPT by groups backed by Russia, North Korea, Iran and China to research targets, improve scripts and develop social engineering techniques.

According to the research, groups such as Strontium, linked to Russian military intelligence, are using AI to understand satellite communication protocols and radar technologies, as well as for basic sequencing tasks. commands. Meanwhile, North Korean group Thallium has been using AI to investigate publicly reported vulnerabilities, direct phishing attacks, and perform basic programming tasks.

These findings highlight a worrying trend in which hackers are adopting advanced technologies to improve the effectiveness and sophistication of their attacks. Additionally, the report highlights the emergence of AI tools specifically designed for malicious activities, such as creating malicious emails and decryption tools.

Are AI attacks imminent?

Although no significant attacks using AI have been detected so far, there are concerns that the use of this technology in cyberspace may increase in the future. Microsoft warns of potential use cases, such as voice spoofing, where AI-powered speech synthesis could be used to trick victims more convincingly.

Faced with this growing threat, Microsoft is intensifying its efforts in the field of cybersecurity. The company is developing AI-based solutions to detect and respond to cyber attacks, including a new artificial intelligence assistant called Security Copilot. This wizard is designed to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches and better understand the vast amount of signals and data generated by online security tools.

In addition to developing new defense tools, Microsoft is reviewing the security of its own software in response to major cyber attacks, such as those targeting the Azure cloud and cases of spying on executives by Russian hackers.

The report highlights the growing trend of hackers using AI to enhance their cyber attacks, underscoring the need for greater surveillance and security measures. security in cyberspace. With the continued advancement of technology, it is crucial that businesses and users are prepared to confront new and sophisticated online threats.


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