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Jailyne Ojeda poses in a green bikini and raised the temperature on Instagram

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Jailyne Ojeda poses in a green bikini for some daring photos
Jailyne Ojeda poses in a green bikini for some daring photos
Khushbu Kumari

The model and businesswoman Jailyne Ojeda has once again raised the temperature on social networks by sharing a series of photos modeling a tiny swimsuit.

American influencer with Mexican roots, Jailyne Ojeda, is back to cause a sensation on social networks by posting a revealing photo gallery from Oahu, Hawaii.

Through her Instagram account, the Youtuber also shared on her profile the daring photographs in which she shows herself outdoors wearing a great bikini that highlights all its attributes.

The swimsuit is emerald green with a square design on both sides of the top and the bottom part is made up of a string bikini with adjustable straps at the waist. In one of the images, she wore a miniskirt to match the wardrobe.

“You are perfect in my eyes”, was the dedication that she herself placed on the five photos that in one day of having published them already gather more than half a million “likes”.

Jailyne's hourglass figure did not go unnoticed in the eyes of part of her more than 14.5 million followers of hers who overflowed leaving thousands of comments dedicated to her and hers attributes hers.

“I hope the man is fortunate to have this woman, he values ​​her a lot, he doesn't see her for what she does because it's nothing bad, I hope he gives her the value she deserves and the respect and support her ( that) feel proud of her”; “She knows she's hot”; “How cool you are, compatriot, half good because you were born here but of Sinaloan blood and in that we are equal, but in beauty not even who beats you”; “I love you in a good way because you are happy!”; “You are the one with the perfect body and beauty. Beautiful as always”; “You just read my mind, my queen”; “What a beautiful woman a 100 out of 10” and Compa, that she seems like that girl ?, These are some of the comments that have been left to the model in her post.

The 20-year-old usually uploads daring photos showing off her assets on social networks and also shares some aspects of her daily life with her millions of followers.


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