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Jared Borgetti has confidence in Raul Jimenez and his new adventure

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Jared Borgetti has confidence in Raul Jimenez and his new adventure
Jared Borgetti has confidence in Raul Jimenez and his new adventure
Khushbu Kumari

With the weight of his experience and track record, former Mexican soccer player Jared Borgetti saw Raul Jimenez's decision to continue competing at the highest level of English Premier League.

Hopeful -and bitter- start of Raul Jimenez with his new team; the goalscorer decided to continue another campaign at the top level of the English Premier League but with Fulham. The luminary Jared Borgetti predicted a great season for the striker, always appreciating him from experience and years of football.

The current analyst from ESPN commented that he does not see a lack of confidence in Raúl Jiménez as other commentators argue, but rather that he only has a filming and continuity problem due to his recent seasons troubled by injuries.

“He lacks continuity (…) That way he will be able to demonstrate his ability,” he emphasized.

Jared Borgetti believes that if Fulham trust him, Raúl Jiménez will be able to “demonstrate his ability” and to continue competing at the highest level in the English Premier League, for many the best league in Europe and in general, in the whole world.

Borgetti knows the Premier League very well, since in 2005 (Bolton Wanderers) became the first Mexican soccer player to play in it, so in his analysis he included his total confidence in the ‘lobo de Tepejii that he will do you good a “change of scenery & ” after leaving Wolverhampton for Fulham.

“His main idea was to stay in England because he feels good in that league and knows that he can compete there. I congratulate him on his decision to want to continue competing at the highest level, which he will continue to do,“ said Borgetti, Mexico's second all-time goalscorer.

Full confidence in Fulham for performance by Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez had a sour start to the pre-season with his new club, Fulham, who lost on their tour of the United States against Chelsea by score of 2-0.

The 33-year-old attacker entered the second half and with his hierarchy he managed to reorganize his team, who did not receive any more goals and managed to create danger for the ‘ blues’.

Al respecto, Fulham manager Marco Silva praised Raul Jimenez s fitness and considered that it will make a difference for the new season.

“He is the most experienced, he showed in just 45 minutes how he is going to help the team (…) Raúl Jiménez is going to make a difference, he is a great addition to our club”, said the coach in the press room.

Silva also criticized his team's level of play but was confident that he could improve in the upcoming games ahead of the start of the Premier League, especially with Raúl Jiménez as the starter: "He's going to stand out if you give him options. Normally we provide our forwards with balls”.

Fulham says goodbye to the United States and will continue the pre-season in Europe, the natural habitat of a Raúl Jiménez who is on his way to 10 years in the 'old continent'. Hoffenheim will be the next rival of the Mexican who will play at home with his 'Cottagers'.


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