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Karol G became the target of criticism for the dress she wore for her niece's baptism

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Karol G became the target of criticism for the dress she wore for her nieces baptism
Karol G became the target of criticism for the dress she wore for her nieces baptism
Khushbu Kumari

The Colombian singer Karol G is still on everyone's lips; now for the controversial outfit that she decided to wear at her niece's baptism. Here we tell you the details of this new “controversy”

photo Credit: Instagram: Holausa

Karol G he gives something to talk about with every step he takes and proof of this is the recent controversy that arose on social networks over the outfit he decided to wear for his niece's baptism. And according to some Internet users, this It was “out of place.” Here we tell you the details.

The celebration that took place in his native Medellín, Colombia saw the arrival to the so-called ‘Bichota’ clad in a white, satin dress, with transparent straps and a generous neckline. This piece was inspired by a lingerie nightgown that soon caused a sensation.

And while her red-blooded fans filled her with compliments, there was no shortage of Internet users who came out to disapprove of her choice of outfit as a guest for her religious sacrament. niece.

“She shouldn't have worn that dress to a baptism,”, “That dress is too revealing,”, “You don't go to church yes” and “Very pretty but there is a time for everything, she wore the wrong dress”, are some of the messages that are read on the Internet.

However, it was not long before His most loyal followers came to his defense with forceful responses to the negativity in the comments section: “Really, people go overboard with what they criticize. They do it because the dress doesn't fit them or because they can't put it on, stop being envious. Be happy,” said one user.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Despite the commotion that broke out on Instagram, Karol G stays away from criticism and prefers to focus on the successes he has achieved in 2023, being one of They made her debut as an actress alongside her compatriot, Sofia Vergara, for the Netflix series “Griselda”.

This production follows the life of ‘Griselda Blanco’, a well-known Colombian drug trafficker and criminal, founder of the Medellín cartel. For her part, Karol G will be in charge of giving life to Carla, a very close and quite loyal friend to the protagonist.


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