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Mariana Seoane confesses that Luis Miguel helped her overcome a painful breakup

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Mariana Seoane confesses that Luis Miguel helped her overcome a painful breakup
Mariana Seoane confesses that Luis Miguel helped her overcome a painful breakup
Khushbu Kumari

Mariana Seoane reveals that she relied a lot on Luis Miguel to overcome one of her most painful breakups

In recent weeks, the famous singer, Luis Miguel has been the talk of everything thanks to his surprise return to the stage and after several celebrities from the show revealed that they had intense courtships with him, confirmations that they left more than one person in complete shock.

It was a few months ago when the beautiful singer, Mariana Seoane revealed that she was a sentimental partner of the “Sol de México”, for which reason, in a recent interview with the entertainment media, she took a few minutes to give important details of what really happened between them.

During the show program “De Primera Mano” An interview was broadcast with the singer and actress, Mariana Seoane, who assured that she was never Luis Miguel's girlfriend, but they did manage to have a good friendship. She recalled that they both met with a broken heart and that brought them too close.

“I have never said that I was Luis Miguel's girlfriend. We are in a very beautiful moment of our lives. I was finishing with Adolfo Ángel, “El Temerario”,

To put an end to all kinds of speculation, “The Good Girl” He said that his relationship with “El Sol de México” It was a beautiful friendship in which they spent incredible moments. He confessed that they had many talks, but everything they said he will take to the grave.

“It was a very cool relationship, we were friends where we both had the broken heart I remember incredible moments. Everything I have discussed with him I will take with me to the grave”

At 53 years old, Luis Miguel is considered one of the most famous singers in Mexico and many other countries. Far from his musical career, & # 8220; El Sol de México & # 8221; he has starred in endless romances with beautiful women from the world of acting and music.

Some of the most famous courtships were with Mariana Seoane, Luz Elena González, Issabela Camil, Stephanie Salas (she had a daughter), Aracely Arámbula ( fathered two children) and recently his courtship with Ninel Conde came to light.

Itatí Cantoral sends a tremendous message to Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula they don't stop giving something to talk about, because the lack of support and the absence of of the “Sol de México” during the growth of the children he had with the so-called “La Chule”, and this time Itatí Cantoral He highlighted that situation, by sending him a tremendous message.

Cantoral is a great friend of Aracely Arámbula sent a forceful message to the singer who is triumphing with his return to the stage.

Itatí was questioned about the resounding success that Luis Miguel has had with his return to the stage, to which Itatí was very happy that "El Sol" is enjoying going wonderfully.

However, Cantoral took the opportunity to send a message to the famous singer, because the actress asks him to take advantage of all the money he will earn with his extensive tour and once and for all be a father present to your children and support them.

On the other hand, the great villain of telenovelas said she was very fond of Aracely Arámbula and the children she had with Luis Miguel who, according to itatí Cantoral, they are much more handsome than their father himself.


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