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Max Verstappen is motivated to achieve his tenth consecutive victory

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Max Verstappen is motivated to achieve his tenth consecutive victory
Max Verstappen is motivated to achieve his tenth consecutive victory
Khushbu Kumari

Max Verstappen is excited and wants to go beyond the training in Monza to seal his 10th consecutive victory in the current Formula 1 season.

Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull), outstanding leader of the Formula One World Championship, who will start second this Sunday at the Grand Italian Prize, the fourteenth of the year, indicated at the Monza circuit that this Saturday “was not enough” for him to take pole position, but who knows that they have “a good race car” and that “a 10th win in a row would be impressive”.

“It was very tight throughout qualifying and the Ferraris have been very quick all weekend. We did everything we could to be as competitive as possible, and I was happy with my return in Q3 (third round), so I have nothing to complain about,” commented Verstappen, 25 years old, increasingly closer to his third title in a row and who this Saturday stayed only 16 thousandths behind the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), who will start first in the temple of Lombard speed.

“It just wasn't enough for ‘pole,’ but we know we have a good race car,“ said ‘Mad Max,’ championship with 339 points, 138 more than his partner, the Mexican Sergio Pérez -who is second in the World Cup- and who this Sunday wants to break the all-time record for consecutive victories in F1 to leave it at ten, one more than he achieved in 2013 (also for the Austrian team) the four-time German world champion Sebastian Vettel. The one who equaled the past

“The important thing is the race pace; and if we have a better race pace, as usual, we will try to put pressure on them“, advanced the Dutch super-predator,

“I'm happy with the setup of the car for the race and hopefully that pays off on Sunday. I know that victory is possible. It would be impressive to win for the tenth time in a row, but to achieve it we will have to execute the race in the best possible way”, commented the new sporting idol of the Netherlands this Saturday in Monza.


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