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Megan Fox is criticized in the networks for overdoing “little arrangements” in the face

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Megan Fox is criticized in the networks for overdoing little arrangements in the face
Megan Fox is criticized in the networks for overdoing little arrangements in the face
Khushbu Kumari

The American actress Megan Fox unleashed a wave of divided opinions among Internet users, as many claim that her face has undergone a negative transformation. Here we tell you the details

Since her beginnings in acting, Megan Fox has been the target of public attention due to her beauty and talent. Currently, these two attributes have made her one of the most followed women on social networks, where her followers They don't miss a single step they take.

It was precisely through this platform that the protagonist of “Jennifer’s Body? 8221; set off alarms among his digital community after being seen at the Super Bowl after-party, in the company of his partner, Machine Gun Kelly, and his friends Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.


The writer also could not avoid becoming the target of accusations for the alleged transformation to which she has subjected her face. And in addition to telling her & # 8220; goodbye & # 8221; Although her hair was compromised by a pastel pink one, Megan Fox showed off a slimmer-looking face, with prominent cheekbones and lips.

Although several changes can be attributed to the passing of the years, dozens of Internet users were quick to assure that they would be the result of various aesthetic treatments.

Among the messages that were most repeated after the Instagram story, those where he was accused of wanting to look like the Kardashian sisters stood out, with whom he has strengthened a friendship after starting his relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

It wasn't long before the criticism reached his ears and provoked a response on his part that was not very well received.

“Look how different I don't look at all. Turns out it was just a shady photo on my phone looking like a Ukrainian blow-up doll, when in reality I look like one of those super expensive realistic silicone sex dolls you can only get in Japan,' Megan Fox responded to her detractors and starting another controversy where she was called “sexist”.


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