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Mia Khalifa takes swipe at Gerard Pique after being caught cheating on Shakira

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Mia Khalifa takes swipe at Gerard Pique
Mia Khalifa takes swipe at Gerard Pique
Pintu Kumar

Gerard Pique has allegedly been caught cheating on long-term girlfriend Shakira, prompting Mia Khalifa to rub salt in the wounds of the Barcelona superstar

Legendary porn star Mia Khalifa has taken a cheeky swipe at Gerard Pique following reports the Barcelona defender was caught cheating on girlfriend Shakira.

The 29-year-old Lebanese-American beauty spent just three months in the adult movie industry before quitting to focus on a career in sports social media - and she's big into her footy these days!

She fell in love with West Ham after watching the 2005 film Green Street and even appeared on Arsenal Fan TV last year to tell Robbie and the boys how much she "loves teams that suck" (wink wink), and has now had her say on Pique and Shakira's alleged split.

"Shakira following Henry Cavill and Chris Evans in this past 48 hour time span is peak feminism - Pique … feminism," Khalifa tweeted.

Earlier this week reports emerged that Pique had moved out of the family home after being caught in bed with another woman by long-term partner and Colombian pop sensation Shakira, and the couple are now set to separate.

According to Spanish outlet El Periodico, Pique is now staying in a bachelor pad and has been living a "party lifestyle" since the split.

Rumours on social media claimed that the woman Pique had slept with was the mother of his Barcelona team-mate Gavi, though these reports have since been debunked.

El Periodico specified that the woman in question was in fact a blonde in her 20s, which rules out Gavi’s brunette mother.

The report claimed: "The woman who could have put Pique and Shakira on the brink of breaking up is a young blonde in her 20s. She is studying and works as an event hostess."

Pique and Shakira have been an item since 2011 after meeting on the set of the music video for her 2010 smash-hit 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

While the pair have never officially tied the knot, they have two kids together and are thought of in Spain as the Latin Posh and Becks.


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