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More than 100 GB of classified Tesla information leaked

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More than 100 GB of classified Tesla information leaked
More than 100 GB of classified Tesla information leaked
Khushbu Kumari

Tesla suffered a confidential data breach that revealed hundreds of previously unreported incidents about its autopilot feature

In an unprecedented incident, a massive amount of confidential data from Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle company, has been leaked. This leak, consisting of approximately 100 GB of information, has exposed serious flaws in the company's Autopilot feature, as well as sensitive personal data of thousands of employees and former employees.

One of the most concerning aspects of this leak is the inclusion of 139 previously unpublished reports. These reports detail recurring “unintentional emergency braking” problems in Autopilot-equipped vehicles. According to the leaked documents, there have been numerous incidents in which the emergency braking system has been activated unexpectedly, endangering the safety of drivers and other road users.

In addition to reports of emergency braking, the leak also reveals 383 reports related to "ghost stops." These reports describe situations where Autopilot-equipped vehicles have come to sudden and abrupt stops due to suspected false collisions detected by the system. These false positives have led to confusion and anger among drivers, as well as concerns about the reliability and accuracy of Tesla's self-driving technology.

Personal Information

However, problems with the Autopilot function are not the only concerning aspects of this leak. The leaked data has also been found to contain sensitive personal information of around 100,000 Tesla employees and former employees. Among the exposed data are emails, phone numbers, salaries, bank details and social security numbers. This breach of privacy raises serious concerns for the security of personal information and data protection in the company.

Tesla has yet to issue an official statement on the leak, but they are expected to take immediate action to address these security issues. This massive leak of sensitive data and the reports revealed highlight the importance of maintaining high standards of security and privacy in the development and deployment of autonomous driving technologies.


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