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Myrka Dellanos wins award for journalistic career and poses with Alexa Dellanos

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Myrka Dellanos wins award for journalistic career and poses with Alexa Dellanos
Myrka Dellanos wins award for journalistic career and poses with Alexa Dellanos
Khushbu Kumari

The host of the Telemundo show La Mesa Caliente, Myrka Dellanos, won a Matín Fierro award for her work as a journalist. She showed it off on Instagram from Miami and next to her spectacular daughter, Alexa Dellanos.

Myrka Dellanos, host of the television program La Mesa Caliente, received a Martín Fierro Award for her outstanding journalistic career of almost 30 years.


As we all know, Myrka Dellanos is a reference in Hispanic journalism. She is also one of the pioneers of Spanish-language television in the United States. Her work throughout this time has been awarded on different occasions.

Now she received an award in the city of Miami, which she received with great joy posing with her daughter Alexa Dellanos.

“What a beautiful night! I received the iconic Martin Fierro Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism surrounded by my number one cheerleader, my beautiful daughter. Thank you to Aptra for this honor and that good to celebrate them in the city of Miami for the first time!”, Myrka wrote on her Instagram account.

Of course, and as a good woman of faith, she did not mention God for the good choices for her : “Grateful to God for opening the right doors for me and closing the ones that didn't suit me. I dedicate this award to my mom and my little daughter who always support me with unconditional love.


Spanish journalist Alex Rodríguez from Univision's Suelta la Sopa also won Best Television Panelist. The same, he received it in the company of his work team.

Myrka Dellanos impasse in Mexico

Returning to Myrka Dellanos,

When we arrived at the airport, there were already a large number of reporters and journalists. A debate began between the questions they asked and her, who claimed that she was not allowed to walk. All ended in chaos.

Certainly, there were too many people around. Her companions tried to respond to the press, but Myrka ignored the questions on Luis Miguel.

In the Ventaneando program they said that she, as a journalist and social media worker, should have stopped to respond to her colleagues. On the other hand, you can see in images how, certainly, it was difficult for her to walk.

In addition, the presenter of La Mesa Caliente also had a kind of dizziness, which has been questioned in other television programs such as Chisme No Like.

This, also in the face of an accusation by a reporter present, which says that a person who accompanied Myrka Dellanos bit her.

On the other hand, Another worker on the same team had a kind of nervous breakdown. She ended up being carried to the vehicle that was going to transport them.

There, Aylín Mujica spoke to the press and said that she was unaware of the issue, but that her partner respected the fact that she did not want to talk about it. Subsequently, Myrka Dellanos referred precisely in her Telemundo program and from Mexico to the incident.

“Upon arriving at the airport we were approached by several reporters who “They made us feel very uncomfortable and also insecure. It was an extremely difficult situation and thank God this did not happen to adults. I am also at least, I can speak for myself, very nervous,” said the driver.

The good news is that all this is part of the past and the journalist is today celebrating one more triumph in her career.


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