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Nadia Ferreira shocked the networks with this unpublished photograph of her childhood

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Nadia Ferreira childhood photora
Nadia Ferreira childhood photora
Khushbu Kumari

Beauty queen Nadia Ferreira turned to her official Instagram profile to open the trunk of memories. Here we show you what she said

Nadia Ferreira has won the hearts of the public thanks to her talent and charisma; for this reason, the famous woman seeks to maintain contact with her digital community through publications where she shares various aspects of her life.

This is how the Miss Universe 2021 finalist came to melt the hearts of her followers with an unpublished souvenir photograph, belonging to her childhood in Paraguay.


This publication was originally made by a fan account and was later taken up by Nadia Ferreira and shared from her official profile on Instagram. “Sweet memories”, is the message with which the famous woman accompanied the three portraits in which she is seen smiling from ear to ear.

However, this is not the first time that the wife by Marc Anthony takes on the task of April taking the trunk of memories and showing what she looked like when she was just a little girl. And in August 2021, she published an image of herself wearing the school uniform to celebrate Children's Day: “Every child is a miracle and each one has their own paths to make this world a beautiful place for us. Happy Children's Day”, she detailed in her publication.


That same year, Nadia Ferreira recalled her experience in one of the “best experiences of her life”: becoming a Girl Scout: “ ;It brings back so many wonderful memories, being a Girl Scout (…) It implies having the strength, courage, confidence, leadership to work for the community and to be able to be empathetic people, learning practical skills in addition to first aid. I am nostalgic for all those moments, for the group and also for my entire troop,' he recalled at that time.

Currently, the model who recently served as a jury at Miss Universe 2023 remains one of the most beautiful women and continues to create a legacy within the modeling industry.


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