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Natti Natasha sends a strong message to those who criticize her thinness

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Natti Natasha sends a strong message to those who criticize her thinness
Natti Natasha sends a strong message to those who criticize her thinness
Khushbu Kumari

Natti Natasha broke the silence and defended herself against those who have been attacking her for weeks because of her weight. The singer took the opportunity to talk about the sensuality in her most recent video clip

For weeks, Internet users have been commenting on Natti Natasha's posts that she is supposedly very thin. She had kept quiet about the situation, but this week she broke her silence and went after her detractors.

Through a ‘live’ On Instagram, the singer assured that she is “very well” and that she has a very healthy, vegetarian and balanced diet. In addition, she stressed that she “loves it” how she currently looks and that she doesn't care about criticism.

“I love how I look for videos, for everything. Personally ‘I love it’. They judge however they want. When she was fuller ‘ah you are very chubby, you look pregnant’ and now that I'm skinny cut ‘you are very thin’. “I'm fine, gentlemen, I'm too fine, thank God,” she said.

Natti commented that, although some thin people do not exercise, this is not the case for her because she eats well, trains very well doing weights or pedaling a bicycle and is fine with “0% of fat”.

“I eat, pa’ the people who say that I don't eat, I eat. It happens is that I train like an animal. I checked myself and I am 0% fat. It's that for some people I look skinny, for me I look perfect because I exercise, I do it for that (…) I put exercise into the mother. I do my weights, I get on the bike, I give it an hour. I put it in and I love it, I love seeing myself the way I am”, the Dominican explained.

The ‘Dutty Love’ He commented that the fact that people promote not commenting on the bodies of others makes a lot of noise, but that they apply it in some cases and not in others.

“It's kind of weird that in the times we are in right now they don't want to judge people who are fuller, but then people who are skinny, even though they have muscles and are broken all over the place They want to judge them. It kind of doesn't really add up to me,” she said

In addition, he questioned those who make comments about the thin ones: “Either we are judging the bodies, or we are not judging the bodies, or, is it just the skinny ones?”.

She also assured that thin people should also be supported and not pointed out. “In the times that we are now that we are not judging bodies, I understand that this is very inappropriate and I understand that the skinny ones must also be given their respect and their support, I say,” he said.

Se talked about the risqué content of his new song

At the ‘live’ that she made also took the opportunity to clarify what she is like and why there is very sensual content in the video clip of ‘No Pare’, a song that she promoted with a photo without clothes for which she was allegedly being blackmailed and she decided to publish .

“It had been a long time since people had seen me that way. That's how I always was. I remember when I did 'Tonta', 'Sin Pijama', all those songs I was always very open with my sexuality, with my body, with my way of expressing myself, the reality is that I never changed, it is something that is much more present now”, said Natti Natasha.


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