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Reports indicate that Rodolfo Pizarro could reach the LA Galaxy

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Reports indicate that Rodolfo Pizarro could reach the LA Galaxy
Reports indicate that Rodolfo Pizarro could reach the LA Galaxy
Khushbu Kumari

The immediate future of Rodolfo Pizarro is far from Inter Miami after the arrival of Lionel Messi and other cracks that will accompany the Argentine on the expedition, for now it seems that the LA Galaxy wants the Mexican.

Rodolfo Pizarro confirmed he would leave Inter Miami, something that according to his words took him by surprise, however it is a movement that was expected after the arrival of Messi al equipment. Given this reality, reports indicate that a few suitors have come out for the Mexican soccer player.

According to reports Mediotiempo,l LA Galaxy of the injured Chicharito Hernandez, would have the intention to add Pizarro to their ranks as soon as possible. According to the same report, the Los Angeles eleventh is so far the most tangible offer for Pizarro, a footballer who has no interest in returning to the Liga MX and that he prefers to continue his career in the MLS.

Inter Miami would be looking to loan Pizarro to the Los Angeles team and thus could give up his space as a franchise player, something that would allow the Miami team to continue adding stars to their ranks. Even the salary would continue to be paid by Inter Miami, which is why his departure would not be a financial problem for him.

In 61 games, Rodolfo Pizarro has a total of seven goals and 10 assists, very low numbers that clearly have not convinced the club's board of directors, who took it upon themselves to quickly notify him that in the construction of the new project does not go into plans.

“It's hard. I did not know, because I have a contract, that it was going to be able to be changed. It's a bit strange, it's already happened to many teammates that one day they're there and the next day they're not, I think it's the only league in the world that does this. Yes, it's strange, but they are the rules and you have to abide by them,” Pizarro said in statements to Deporte Total USA , where he announced that he would leave the club.

A good performance with the LA Galaxy could allow him to get a new contract, taking into account that the one currently in force with the Miami franchise expires in December.


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