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Ryan Reynolds jokes about Blake Lively and Taylor Swift photo

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Ryan Reynolds jokes about Blake Lively and Taylor Swift photo
Ryan Reynolds jokes about Blake Lively and Taylor Swift photo
Khushbu Kumari

Ryan Reynolds recreated the photo with Travis Kelce and Hugh Jackman claimed his place.

The premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce in London had great personalities as guests, with Taylor Swift and Blake Lively standing out among those attending the event. Both shared through their Instagram accounts some images with Beyoncé celebrating the singer's success.< /p>

“The Queen invited me to London…”, wrote Taylor Swift who surpassed 250 million dollars with her film about the The Eras Tour. While Blake Livley sent a message supporting sisterhood among friends: “When I grew up, women were always at odds with each other. It took me until adulthood to realize that women's instinct to elevate each other to its maximum potential is the norm, not the exception.


Most of my best friends are women who I would have presented as threats or competition. Our job is to show younger generations the power of aligning in instead of dividing. All this to say, @beyonce and @taylorswift, neither of you have any business being threatened by my pop stardom. There is space for all of us. Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. Now in theaters... And even better than you can imagine.

Next to the photo gallery there is an image where Blake Lively and Taylor Swift appear hugging, where they once again demonstrate their great friendship. Image that Ryan Reynolds decided to “recreate” in her joking style, changing Blake's face for her own and replacing Taylor Swift with her boyfriend Travis Kelce's face.

“I think I should remember this,” he writes next to the image on Instagram stories, showing off his sense of humor. The image has gone viral and after seeing the montage, his great friend Hugh Jackman wanted to make the particular montage of him and he included himself in the photo, removing Travis Kelce and putting him with Ryan Reynolds.

Both actors have already resumed filming of Deadpool 3 after months suspended due to the actors' strike that began this summer. In addition, Ryan and Blake have been of great support to Hugh Jackman in these difficult months for the actor after his recent divorce.


On the other hand, since the beginning of her romance with Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has been supported by her circle of friends, who have attended Chiefs games in Kansas City with her and defended their relationship publicly.

Dogpool appears alongside Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3

One of the confirmed appearances that caused a very good reception among many fans is Dogpool, the dog variant of Deadpool in the multiverse that in the comics belongs to Earth-103173.

The little dog was presented by Ryan Reynolds himself through his social networks, and now Discussing Film has shown a new image of Deadpool 3 with Wade Wilson accompanied by its version in perrete. You can take a look below.


In the image we see Dogpool sucking the face of Wade Wilson, the human variant of him. In the comments of the fans in the publication you can see the desire for the new Marvel movie to arrive in theaters.

The curious thing is that, unless the agenda is modified again, Deadpool 3 is the only one film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that premieres in 2024, since the rest of the productions have been postponed to polish scripts and redo scenes with the intention of improving their results on screen.


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