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Salma Hayek shares an emotional birthday greeting to her daughter Mathilde

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Salma Hayek shares an emotional birthday greeting to her daughter Mathilde
Salma Hayek shares an emotional birthday greeting to her daughter Mathilde
Khushbu Kumari

Salma Hayek demonstrates her love for her children once again and her family union with her partner Francois-Henri Pinault.

The actress Salma Hayek, stands out not only for her talent on the big screen, but also for her unique approach to family life. In contrast to the complications often associated with relationships between stepmothers and stepchildren, Salma Hayek has proven to be an exception, maintaining a harmonious and affectionate relationship with the children of her husband, François-Henri Pinault.

For years, Salma Hayek openly expressed her love for her husband's children, recognizing them as her own despite not having been born from her womb. In a 2016 interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress shared her perspective on the importance of family, highlighting that true happiness lies in the family ties and not on material success or superficial beauty.

Salma Hayek continues to reaffirm this fundamental value in her life. This is evident in the close relationship he has cultivated with Mathilde Pinault, the daughter of French businessman François-Henri Pinault and his first wife, Dorothée Lepère.

Recently, as part of Mathilde's 23rd birthday, Salma Hayek took to her social networks to express her congratulations and admiration for the young woman. In an emotional message, the actress and producer shared images of shared moments, highlighting the pride she feels in the woman Mathilde has become.

In an interview given to Vanity Fair in January 2022, Mathilde Pinault reflected on her privileged childhood and the positive influence of her family, including Salma Hayek. She highlighted the lesson of open-mindedness and curiosity about life that she has received from her loved ones, including the renowned actress.

According to Mathilde, Salma Hayek has been an inspiring figure who has taught her the importance of simplifying adversities and address them with calm and determination. This lesson has been fundamental in facing the challenges of everyday life.

The relationship between Salma Hayek and Mathilde Pinault transcends family ties, also extending to the professional and social spheres. In March 2022, mother and daughter, along with Valentina Paloma, Salma's biological daughter, were invited to the prestigious Balenciaga Fall Winter 2022-2023 show, an event also attended by François-Henri Pinault.

This event highlighted the unity and mutual support within the family, as well as the integration of Salma Hayek into the Pinaults' social and professional circle. Despite initial doubts about the viability of her relationship with François-Henri Pinault, Salma Hayek has shown that love and commitment can overcome any obstacle, now celebrating more than a decade together and forming a united and loving family.

Mathilde Pinault, Salma Hayek's stepdaughter, suffers an accident while horseback riding

Since 2009, Salma Hayek has stood out as an exceptional mother, extending her care and affection even towards the children of her current husband, François-Henri Pinault. This bond has been especially strengthened with Mathilde Pinault, her 23-year-old stepdaughter, whose closeness is even more evident in difficult moments, such as the recent accident that the young woman experienced while horseback riding.

Through her social networks, Mathilde shared details about the incident that unfortunately resulted in the fracture of five bones in her foot. Although the seriousness of the message alarmed her followers, Mathilde assured that she is in good condition, following medical instructions and using a boot-type splint to facilitate her recovery.

“An interesting start to the year and full of surprises. Unfortunately, the start of the season will have to wait due to a small horse riding accident and five fractured bones in my foot," the young influencer shared, thus revealing the details of her misfortune.

A Despite the setback, Mathilde expressed her determination to resume her usual activities, including horse riding, as soon as her recovery allows. In his message, he thanked his team for their support and showed optimism regarding his speedy recovery.

“Fortunately, I have an incredible team behind me to take care of my horses and I will come back stronger. 8221;, concluded Mathilde in her publication on Instagram, accompanied by a series of photographs that reflect her passion for horseback riding and connection with her animals.

This episode not only reveals Mathilde's resilient spirit, but also the solidarity and support he receives from his family, including Salma Hayek, who is surely providing her unconditional support during this recovery process.


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