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Say goodbye to sharing your Disney Plus password

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Say goodbye to sharing your Disney Plus password
Say goodbye to sharing your Disney Plus password
Khushbu Kumari

Disney Plus plans to implement a new policy that prohibits its users from sharing their passwords with other people as Netflix did recently.

In the world of streaming, where competition is fierce and the fight for viewers' attention is constant, Disney Plus is cracking down to secure its position. Following in Netflix's footsteps, Disney Plus is planning to end the practice of sharing passwords between users. Bob Iger, Disney's charismatic CEO, revealed during a recent earnings call that the company is actively working on ways to address this challenge.

Recognizing that account sharing can have a significant impact on its revenue potential, Disney plans to update its subscription agreements in the coming months, looking to implement additional terms and stricter policies around sharing. This initiative is expected to be completed before the end of the year, according to Iger.

The Disney CEO does not underestimate the magnitude of the problem. Although he declined to provide a concrete number, he admitted that the password-swapping phenomenon is “significant.” In addition, Iger noted that the company has the technical ability to monitor logins and is determined to resolve this issue by 2024.

This move not only reflects Disney's desire to protect its revenue and strengthen its business model, but also shows its commitment to the growth and evolution of the streaming platform. Like Netflix, which began charging additional fees for account sharing, Disney is determined to capitalize on its high-quality content and provide an individualized user experience.

In addition to these anti-sharing measures of passwords, Disney is also looking for ways to increase its monetization. Iger announced that the company will implement tactics to boost monetization starting in 2024.

In a broader context, Disney has been implementing a number of strategic changes to its approach to entertainment. The announcement of a new ad-free package that combines Disney Plus and Hulu at a premium price is a clear indicator of its focus on diversifying its offerings and generating revenue. Despite subscriber losses in certain markets, Disney remains a key player in the entertainment industry, and the crackdown on password sharing is a reminder of its determination to maintain its position and continue to provide quality content to its subscribers.


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