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Sofia Vergara looked beautiful and single at Thanksgiving dinner at her neighbor's house

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Sofia Vergara looked beautiful and single at Thanksgiving
Sofia Vergara looked beautiful and single at Thanksgiving
Khushbu Kumari

Colombian singer Sofia Vergara showed off her great body at her first Thanksgiving without Joe Manganiello

Although 2023 has not been an easy year for Sofía Vergara, as she herself acknowledged, that was not an impediment for her to meet with some friends on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Through some postcards and videos, which she herself shared on her Instagram account, we were able to witness the celebration, in which she was seen single and very happy.

The celebration took place at the house of Anastasia Sobre, her neighbor in the Beverly Hills area, who is not only famous for her beauty brand, but also for the great parties that she usually organizes.

The celebration, which took place in the kitchen, dining room and living room area of ??the mansion, was also attended by some of the Colombian's closest relatives, like his son, Manolo, and what to say about his sister, Verónica.

In addition to attracting attention for how good she looked on Thanksgiving Day, the ‘Modern Family’ She captured attention because of how beautiful she looked in her shiny copper dress, with cutouts at the waist and a pronounced opening in the skirt.

Although it has been said that Sofía Vergara is dating the surgeon Justin Saliman after her breakup with Joe Manganiello, the reality is that there was no trace of her supposed beau during the dinner that looked delicious and was headed by the traditional turkey.



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