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Tania Rincon, host of 'Hoy', debuts as an actress in a famous telenovela

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Tania Rincon host of Hoy debuts as an actress in a famous telenovela
Tania Rincon host of Hoy debuts as an actress in a famous telenovela
Khushbu Kumari

The famous host of 'Hoy', Tania Rincon, decided to take a new challenge in her career and debut as an actress in a telenovela by the famous producer, Nicandtro Diaz.

Tania Rincon has become one of the favorite presenters of the Hoy Program, which is why opportunities do not stop knocking on her door. This time she was no exception, as the Michoacan woman was presented with the great opportunity to debut as an actress.

As you read it, the beloved host of Hoy announced this morning that she had already recorded the scene with which she will debut in soap operas, however, she will not do this alone since another of her colleagues from the morning broadcast also participates with her in this new professional adventure.

It was a few weeks ago when Tania Rincon announced that she would be off the program Hoy for a few weeks because she had to travel to the United States to cover a sporting event for TUDN.

On this occasion, Tania Rincon shared with her colleagues from Hoy that she will make her acting debut with producer Nicandro Diaz, in the new telenovela “Golpe de Good luck.”

However, unlike her sports project, on this occasion this new professional adventure of Tania Rincon does not imply that the presenter abandons the conduct of the Hoy Program,

“I made my debut yesterday in the soap opera alongside my godfather Paul Stanley (and from memory), from memory without a prompter and all in one…four takes? (Three!), three shots…”, began Tania Rincon

According to the woman born in La Piedad, Michoacan, her scene is very brief as it only lasts a few seconds: “ but the scene lasts about 10 seconds (they take everything), intense…”, however, as a joke, Galilea Montijo assured that due to the great work she did on this recording, Tania will surely win a TVyNovelas award.

It should be noted that there is no further information about the role he plays in Nicandro Diaz's telenovela and whether the performance of Tania Rincon and Paul Stanley will be recurring or if they will only appear once.

Tania Rincon goes to a party to get over her divorce and starts to sing

This is how he let it be seen through his Instagram stories, where he showed himself singing songs for the “hurt” at the top of her lungs Well, they are those that permeate the soul and that more than one has sung in the heat of alcohol and the pain of lovesickness.

However, during this start of the weekend he had the first hint of pain and lovesickness, well, through his Instagram, she could be seen at a party with several friends, and at the moment After singing with the mariachi, he couldn't help but throw himself one for the broken hearts.

This time Rincon was seen together with various entertainment personalities, who before being artists are their dear friends.

As is the case of Denisha, former participant of Survivor, member of the musical “Myst”, the singer and host Alex Garza, as well as the interpreter and actor Lalo Brito, among other guests.

And you couldn't miss the rancheras, or how now they put regional Mexican music on it, this to celebrate the birthday of the actress Fatima Molina. Celebration in which Tania let herself go and sang a classic for many women of the famous Rocio Durcal: “The cat in the rain”.

“You see, life is like that. You go and I stay here. It will rain, and I will no longer be yours, I will be the cat in the rain and I will meow for you…”, were some fragments that were heard by the presenter.


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