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Thalia put on a wig and showed off her Mexican roots in an impactful look

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Thalia put on a wig and showed off her Mexican roots in an impactful look
Thalia put on a wig and showed off her Mexican roots in an impactful look
Khushbu Kumari

The Mexican singer Thalia took on the task of exploiting her creativity through clothes that represented her love for Mexico. Check out the look here

The Mexican singer Thalia once again did her thing on social networks with a publication in which she made it more than clear that she remains proud of her Mexican roots and always seeks to support Latin endeavors.

Through her official profile on Tik Tok, the performer of songs like “Amor a la Mexicana” and “Marimar” He published a fun video in which he showed in detail a gift he received from the clothing brand 'Paisa Boys'.

According to the description on its website, Paisa Boys is a clothing brand that highlights Mexican culture through its t-shirts, caps, blankets and sweaters. And it was precisely a selection of these garments that the Mexican received at the door of her house.

“It turns out that I received a box from the Paisa Boys, let's talk about the phrases that the booty If you wear Paisa Boys designs, you know what's good. This brand touches on that nostalgia, those inside jokes that only Mexicans, especially those who were born and live in Los Angeles, understand,” says Thalía in the audiovisual.

However, it didn't end there. Thalía decided to let her imagination fly and add her own touch to one of the shirts she received from her. To do this, he took some scissors and proceeded to make various cuts in the neck and sleeve area.

To complete her look, the Mexican added a white corset with lace applications, red tennis shoes and boxer-style pants with the colors of the flag of the country that saw her born, also courtesy of the brand.

Another of the garments that caused a sensation on social networks was the brown film with long French braids that she wore for the occasion.

“Let's see if I can't wait to see how badass I turned out and @paisaboys' designs confirm it,” Thalía expressed once her patriotic look was finished, earning the public's affection in the form of comments under the post.


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