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The Kardashian family celebrates Christmas with style and tradition

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The Kardashian family celebrates Christmas with style and tradition
The Kardashian family celebrates Christmas with style and tradition
Khushbu Kumari

Each member of the Kardashian clan participated in the tradition of decorating their homes spectacularly and wrapping gifts in unique ways.

The Kardashian family, known for their extravagant lifestyle, spares no effort to celebrate every holiday, and Christmas is no exception. Each member of the famous clan joins the tradition of decorating their homes in a spectacular way and, of course, wrapping gifts in a special way.

Kim Kardashian, the undisputed leader in this art of celebration, has transformed her home into a dazzling Christmas forest. Through her social networks, she shared with her followers how she, along with her siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, carry out the activity of wrapping gifts as a beloved family tradition.

For Kim, gifts are more than just gifts; They are a unique representation of each family member and her energy for the coming year. “Wrapping gifts in our family is always such a fun family tradition,”, expressed the socialite along with detailed images of each gift.

The choice of wrapping materials also becomes a manifestation of the personality of each Kardashian. Kim chose to use cotton fabrics from her own clothing line “Skims”, planning to reuse them on future occasions.

Creativity has no limits in the family, and that is evident in the different wrapping styles chosen by each member. Kylie Jenner leaned towards the image of Santa as the protagonist, while Rob opted for a festive snowman print.

Kourtney and Kris Jenner, for their part, stuck to the classic colors of Christmas , with green and red wrappers, respectively. Kendall, known for her elegance, chose a blue and white print with a green bow, adding her signature touch.

Khloe, closing out the style series, wrapped all of her gifts in monochrome green paper and a green bow. The Kardashian family not only celebrates Christmas with luxury and ostentation, but also transforms every detail into a unique expression of their style and personality.

Kim Kardashian dazzles on social networks with her spectacular Christmas decoration

Through her social networks, Kim Kardashian has made her Christmas spirit evident by sharing a series of images that reveal the extravagant decoration of your home. The billionaire businesswoman spares no effort to create a festive atmosphere that goes beyond the conventional, surprising her numerous followers.

As is traditional, Kim has stood out this year with a Christmas decoration that surpasses The expectations. She surprised her followers by displaying an imposing forest of snowy pine trees in the garden of her mansion, even extending to some interior spaces. Additionally, the front of her house was adorned with hundreds of white lights, creating a magical atmosphere that did not go unnoticed.

The socialite's creativity was not limited to standard ornamentation; She also took advantage of the festivities to transform themed rooms in her home. From a Jurassic Park-themed room to another that simulates being a supermarket, he designed fun spaces for the little ones in the family to enjoy playful moments.

However, the eye-catching decorations were not the only point of interest that Kim shared on Instagram. The celebrity also showed off her unique approach to gift wrapping, wearing white cotton T-shirts from her brand SKIMS. With these garments, she created unique wrappings, tying the sleeves to simulate a bow.

Kim Kardashian shared moments from the Christmas Eve celebration, where she was accompanied by her mother, her sisters and the presence special from her friend Paris Hilton. The fun was immediate, with images of the two sledding together, adding a touch of celebrity and camaraderie to the festive occasion.


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