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The drama of the Ocean Gate submersible continues

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The drama of the Ocean Gate submersible continues
The drama of the Ocean Gate submersible continues
Khushbu Kumari

The US Coast Guard estimates that the missing submersible that intended to explore the remains of the Titanic only had (as of yesterday) approximately 40 hours of breathable oxygen.

At 1:00 pm on June 20 US Eastern, the crew of the submarine that disappeared while exploring the wreckage of the Titanic had less than 40 hours of oxygen available.

Another big problem is that there is no clarity as to how the sub could be salvaged if it is found, since ships carrying a usable vehicle sail at about 20 miles per hour, and the wreck of the Titanic is about 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

So revealed the U.S. Coast Guard. at a news conference, noting that that was the main challenge to find the five people who are in the submersible.

The Titan, as the submarine is called, lost contact on Sunday after almost two hours of submerging, but to that time we must add the almost eight hours that the authorities learned of the fact..

Captain Jamie Frederick of The US Coast Guard said that, in coordination with Canadian authorities, the ship is being searched for in areas of Connecticut, but for now there are no results.

It added that more ships and planes will join the search search, which is done in different ways, including surface sweep and submersible sound detection.

“Our crews from the Coast Guard and the US and Canadian governments and the private sector have been working around the clock to bring all the capabilities we have to find the submersible and locate these people,” he said. In an interview with ABC News John Mauger, Commander of the Coast Guard

For its part, France, at the request of President Emmanuel Macron, announced that it will join the rescue efforts through the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Ifremer, who sent the ship “Atalante” equipped with an underwater robot to search the Atlantic for the 5 missing from the Titan submersible.

A group of operators from the Toulon maritime base are traveling on the Atalante who are in charge of managing the robot “Victor 6,000”, which will dive to a depth of about 4,000 meters to try to locate the Titan.

Atalante is expected to arrive at the sinking zone this Wednesday June 21 around 18:00 GMT.



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