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This is the juicy figure that Karol G would have generated with...

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This is the juicy figure that Karol G would have generated with
This is the juicy figure that Karol G would have generated with
Khushbu Kumari

The Colombian singer Karol G has made history by performing at her home in Colombia with the 'Manana Sera Bonito Fest'. The series of concerts in which the famous Ella provided a series of experiences for the public, but...

Photo Credit: Juan Naharro Giménez. Getty Images

The Colombian singer Karol G continues to reap achievements and elevate the country where she was born. As a gift to her compatriots, she decided to give a series of concerts in the style of a renowned music festival, going all out.

“I just fulfilled the biggest dream of my life: Making history in my own house in Colombia I LOVE YOU!!!! ?????? ”, wrote the multi-award-winning singer from her Instagram account to celebrate her success in the series of concerts she offered in her native country.


It is in the midst of this furor that they have come out to Several reports about the profits generated by the ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful Fest’ have come to light, leaving people with their mouths open thanks to the source of employment that it became, as well as the billionaire figure that was talked about .

And according to some local media, the so-called ‘Bichota’ and her two presentations in her native Medellín represented a profit of more than 2,000 million dollars and nearly seven thousand jobs.

As revealed by the media “El tiempo de Bogota” and the mayor's office itself, this great event achieved that hotel occupancy reached 95% of its capacity, which translated into approximately 11 million dollars.


This is how the interpreter of songs like “My ex was right” and “El makinón” She once again shows her power in the music scene and the support given to her by the public originating from the place where she was born.


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