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Wendy Guevara asks out the star of America she received an unexpected response

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Wendy Guevara asks out the star of America
Wendy Guevara asks out the star of America
Khushbu Kumari

Wendy Guevara made an improper proposal to a of the stars of Club America, Kevin Alvarez, and he had an unexpected response.

Youtuber Wendy Guevara, winner of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, declared herself attracted to one of the new reinforcements of the Club América, a team of which he declared himself a fan, but this time, despite her recent fame and success, she did not manage to have a positive response.

The way of publicly declaring her love is not new for Wendy Guevara, who she has done this with different celebrities to seek to attract the attention of them and the public, especially with young characters.

The person alluded to now was Kevin Alvarez, a 24-year-old player and right back for the Aguilas del America, who did not have the same interest and very subtly and politely rejected the invitation to go out with her, which immediately caused reactions in the networks sociales.

Wendy won the reality show and that has caused the company Televisa to make her appear in all its programs, since she already signed a contract with them and now they are interested in her also being a well-known figure in the world of television so they can start some projects that benefit both of them.

The invitation happened in a digital content of TUDN, owned by Televisa that also owns the soccer team, and there she underwent a dynamic in which he would send 'little fires' and make comments about different players depending on their tastes.

Jonathan dos Santos, Miguel Layon, Henry Martin, Alejandro Zendejas and Kevin Alvarez were the names that stood out during the game.

When each name was mentioned, the influencer dedicated flirty words and emojis to them, but in the case of Kevin, former Pachuca player and also a member of Mexico in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, was especially attentive and elaborated, making her interest more visible.

“Oh no, I'll send five (little fires) to that one. Oh Jesus of Veracruz, what a delight, what a beautiful thing life makes Really! I'll see you later,” said the famous woman in the published video, which immediately provoked the reaction of her followers, fans of “Team Infierno” and of course the followers of the Aguilas del América.

Among the comments that were generated, the following stood out: “We are all cool Wendy with Kevin hahaha”, “Oh Jesus de Veracruz with Kevin Alvarez, who is not my Wendy”, “And the cheese”, “The cheese does not have bad taste Wendy” and “We are Wendy with Kevin”, among others.

The publication is on TUDN's Instagram and has already exceeded 46 thousand likes, which is why it reached Kevin Alvarez's view and immediately responded to the famous for following the advertising game that the company that now also pays him wants, although the proposal was not exactly what she expected: Team Infierno. My mom says that she is the one who wants the date, she is your fan.

Kevin Alvarez made that proposal on his Instagram account, after sharing the TUDN video and making it clear that he was not interested in a meeting with the winner of La Casa de los Famosos, who still hasn't responded to this comment, which for some people was nothing more and nothing less than a subtle 'batting' to the initial quote.

Kevin Alvarez joined the Aguilas del America, a Televisa team, just this tournament after excelling for several months with Pachuca, and also after being part of the Mexican team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where Mexico faced Argentina with Kevin as the starter and the match ended with a victory for Lionel Messi's team, who would eventually become world champions.


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