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Young man's hair gets entangled in a mechanical game in southern Mexico

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Young man hair gets entangled in a mechanical game in southern Mexico
Young man hair gets entangled in a mechanical game in southern Mexico
Khushbu Kumari

Through social networks the moment in which a young woman was spread she got stuck in the Ferris wheel at the Chiapas fair, which caused her to have to cut part of her hair to free her.

The fair of San Juan Chamula, in the state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, became a scene that went from laughter to terror for those attending the mechanical game known as the wheel of fortune, where the hair of one of the users was pressed between the irons.

According to local media, last Saturday, the woman, who was not identified by the authorities, got stuck in the structure of the mechanical game; Noticing the accident due to the screams of pain from the victim, the assistants and managers stopped the game and tried to free the long black hair from the metal.

The moment was captured by witnesses in videos broadcast on social networks, where it is shown how the young woman's own family approaches to try to get her to safety, for which, in desperation, they ask someone to pass them some scissors.

The accident where the young woman got her hair trapped, arose at having fun on rides After part of her hair was cut off, she was taken for medical attention.

Today is the traditional celebration in honor of SanJuan in Chamula at Chiapas to free the young woman, they had to cut the tangled section. Until now, the state of health of the affected person is unknown or if she was treated in a nearby hospital.

After a few moments of anguish, the young woman's hair had to be cut to be released from the structure metal.

This event relives the tragedy that a Nebraska family experienced in 2016, when they visited an amusement park and their 11-year-old daughter suffered a tragic accident while an amusement ride was in operation.

The little girl was on the ride when her she slipped from her seat and her long hair was caught while the ride continued to spin, for 5-10 minutes, until the screams of pain made them stop, but due to the force of the hulk, the minor lost part of her scalp and suffered permanent facial injuries.



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