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What is the highest paying job in the world in 2024, according to artificial intelligence

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What is the highest paying job in the world in 2024 according to artificial intelligence
What is the highest paying job in the world in 2024 according to artificial intelligence
Khushbu Kumari

According to artificial intelligence, the health and finance sectors are currently the best paid in the world with highly competitive salaries

In the last year, artificial intelligence has become more popular among Internet users, especially with chatbots, software that can be asked anything and in a matter of seconds they respond either by voice or text. This continues to impress many who use technology to expand knowledge in some areas.

For this reason, artificial intelligence was consulted about what they are. the best paying jobs currently in the world and this was the list of jobs that were qualified by sector:

Health sector

According to artificial intelligence currently in the United States and throughout the world, neurosurgeons are considered the best paid with a salary that exceeds $500,000 dollars, behind them within the health sector are anesthesiologists who also have a high level of annual remuneration between $80,000 to $100,000 dollars, followed by general practitioners and specialists in oncology or cardiology.

Finance sector

On the other hand, artificial intelligence showed that workers in the finance sector such as: stockbrokers, analysts or investment managers earn large sums of money annually due to remuneration commissions for investments, among others.

Technology sector

We cannot leave one aside of the most important job sectors today such as technology, where currently a cybersecurity specialist, software engineer or application developer and even some other area related to the field is generating thousands of dollars a year. In addition, salaries in this sector tend to be highly competitive.

Other sectors

Finally, professions such as lawyers, architects or CEOs of companies are also generating large annual salaries, where The experience and the area in which one works are taken into account, for example; corporate or tax law.


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