Journalist Freddie Roman murdered in southern Mexico counting 15th crimes to communicators in 2022

Journalist Freddie Roman murdered 15th journalist in 2022
Journalist Freddie Roman murdered 15th journalist in 2022
Khushbu Kumari

Journalist Freddie Roman murdered and Some witnesses pointed out that Roman was coming out of taking some workshops that he taught in that area when he was attacked and lost his life almost instantly. So far it is not clear if the attack is related to his activity or follows another line of investigation.

Journalist Freddie Roman murdered in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, in southern Mexico. The victim was the director of the weekly “La Realidad” and she was executed with bullets when she was traveling in her red sedan-type vehicle.

Preliminary information indicates that the criminals attacked the communicator when leaving his home. According to police reports, unknown persons arrived at the scene and shot the communicator, who lost his life after receiving bullet wounds in the neck and body.

According to reports from the State Police, Freddie Román was injured inside the vehicle. However, when Red Cross paramedics arrived, the journalist had already died from gunshot wounds to different parts of his body.

“Ministerial personnel and expert services went to the scene to carry out the corresponding investigative acts that allow obtaining the necessary evidence to clarify the facts,” reported the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of Guerrero.

In addition, the authorities confirmed that an investigation folder was started for the crime of “homicide by firearm , against those who are responsible, to the detriment of Freddie 'N'”.

Later, the Guerrero Prosecutor's Office indicated that one of the lines of investigation being followed could be related to the murder of Fredid Román's son, which occurred in the town of Ocotito, Chilpancingo, on July 1, but not because of his journalistic practice. .

The Club de Periodistas de Guerrero association stated in a letter that, although their colleague did not touch on issues of violence, in recent days he went to the FGE to demand justice for the murder of one of his close relatives registered in the town of Ocotito, in the same municipality.

“We demand a prompt investigation of the homicide from the Guerrero Attorney General's Office as well as an alleged leak of the demand for justice that our colleague made before that justice procurement body,” the document says.

According to the organization Article 19, only in the first half of 2022, 331 attacks against journalists and media outlets were recorded in Mexico. In total, they add 15 murders so far this year.

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