Yuridia puts her pants on backwards and couldn't help laughing when she discovered it in full concert

Yuridia puts her pants on backwards and could not help laughing when she discovered it in full concert
Yuridia puts her pants on backwards and could not help laughing when she discovered it in full concert
Khushbu Kumari

While Yuridia sang the song 'Amigos no por favor' in one of her most recent concerts and walked on stage, she realized that she had put her pants on backwards; her reaction went viral on social media

The singer Yuridia experienced an embarrassing moment during one of her most recent concerts, where she realized that she put her pants on backwards and although she tried to continue with her presentation, she could not contain her laughter even though she was singing one of her songs. more melancholy.

It was a fan club who, through TikTok, published a video of the moment in which the Mexican composer is delighting the audience with the song “Amigos no por favor”, but while walking on stage she realized that she was He put his pants inside out.

Apparently the first thing he felt was a little embarrassment, because he immediately tried to close the matching leather jacket with his pants to try to hide the mistake while he continued singing. However, there were a few moments when she couldn't contain her laughter, interrupting twice to laugh. Although her face reflected that she was not having a good time, she managed to contain herself to continue with the song.

The video that went viral and achieved more than 9 million views also received a barrage of messages in which her fans expressed their admiration for the professionalism that Yuridia showed by continuing to sing, while some others shared the feeling, assuring that they could not stand it. Laughter.

“They can't say he doesn't sing live”, “I don't know how he held his laugh so long”, “Singing with a fit of laughter is the easiest thing”, “Poor trying to concentrate”, “It's about controlling like a whole professional but inside he is dying of laughter”, “Before I cried with the song and now it makes me laugh”, “But what a professional I do not stop singing”, wrote some users.

After the painful incident, Yuridia turned to the stories of her Instagram account to share her experience, where she also exposed the person responsible for putting her pants on backwards, so they both laughed at the moment.

“It turns out that Vani put my pants on backwards. I have the cu** forward Do you see glitter? Do you know why they don't see glitter? Because the glitter is behind, that's why, see,” explained the former Academic.

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