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Demi Rose posted video while sunbathing, wearing a yellow thong

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Demi Rose posted video while sunbathing wearing a yellow thong
Demi Rose posted video while sunbathing wearing a yellow thong
Khushbu Kumari

Demi Rose has set Instagram on fire by posting a video of herself lying on her stomach and showing off her perfect tan

Demi Rose has raised the temperature to the maximum on Instagram, as she shared a video -recorded by herself- in which she appears on a bunk, lying on her stomach and wearing only a yellow thong, which allowed her to show off her rear while tanning. She wrote in her post the message: “And I discuss books with my best friend Quetzalcoatl”.

After a long trip through Turkey, the beautiful British influencer is back in Ibiza, and a few days ago she decided to go to the beach. It was so hot that she undid her bikini top, showing off her figure once again. She captioned the collection of photos and videos she posted with the text: “There's no place like home.”

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Many of the locations Demi chooses for the photos she posts on Instagram are spectacular, but she also seizes the timing, as she recently revealed. She posed in an outdoor jacuzzi, wearing a gold micro bikini, while dozens of hot air balloons soared in the sky. The images resulted in more than 287,000 likes on that social network.


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