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Rihanna sings for 6 million US dollars at tycoon’s wedding in India

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Rihanna sings for 6 million US dollars at tycoons wedding in India
Rihanna sings for 6 million US dollars at tycoons wedding in India
Khushbu Kumari

Rihanna was the artist chosen to perform at the wedding of young billionaire Anant Ambani in India. 50,000 people attended, including

Rihanna's performance at a million-dollar wedding in India has taken the entertainment world by storm and they can't stop talking about it!

This event, which looked more like a concert in a stadium than a normal wedding, caused a stir on social networks and various media outlets due to the presence of the renowned world star, Rihanna.

The big stage, the dance team, the lighting system and even special effects made the night unforgettable. But the question we all asked ourselves was: how much did Rihanna get paid for this performance? $6 million dollars!

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Anant Ambani is the young millionaire who hired Rihanna to sing at his wedding

The sum reflects the scale and the luxury of the event, organized by the son of the most millionaire family in Asia, Anant Ambani. The family has an estimated net worth of $112 billion dollars. So they could afford to hire the interpreter of Umbrella and much more.

The guest list was not far behind, with nearly 50,000 people attended the party and, of course, to see Rihanna live.


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